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When we hear the tiresome whinge from teacher unions that education is being “starved” of cash, it’s helpful to look to see the sort of priorities that they see as important.

Boys increasingly have low self-esteem about their body image, teachers warn.  The Association of Teachers and Lecturers claims the promotion of ideal body images is reducing both boys’ and girls’ confidence in their own bodies. Last year, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image recommended all children took part in compulsory body image and self-esteem lessons. The union will discuss the issue of body image among pupils at its annual conference in Liverpool next week.

We have children leaving our Education system unable to read or write and “body image” is seen as a priority?? CUT their budgets more please!

Hat tip to the ATW reader for the story

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  1. Never mind the dreadful teachers, who knew there was an All Party Parliamentary Group on body image? The teacher’s unions and the Westminster mafia need serious seeing to.

  2. CUT their budgets more please!

    That’s interesting logic. How would that proposal further the eradication of the failure of many to attain basic educational competences?

  3. “Last year, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image …”

    We deserve to be humiliated.

  4. England is going down and Asia ( real Asia, not Pakistan ) is going up.

    I guarantee you that the high school kids in Shanghai and Seoul aren’t taking body image seminars in school. They’re taking calculus.

    Let me know how this works out for you.

  5. “real Asia, not Pakistan”

    Pretty clear example of discrimination I would say.
    You RACIST bastard!

  6. “Last year, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image …”

    And I bet they were a bunch of lookers…

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