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Harry’s Place are reporting that mobile phone ringtones featuring the Spanish King requesting a bit of silence from the Venezuelan President last week in Chile are a hit with mobile users in both countries:

An estimated 500,000 people have downloaded the insult featuring the words "Why don’t you shut up?", generating a reported 1.5m euros (£1m).

In Venezuela, students who are opposing Chavez have also been downloading the ringtone.

"It’s a form of protest," a 21-year-old student in Caracas told the Miami Herald. "It’s something that a lot of people would like to tell the president."

As the Washington Post reports in just 13 days, with systematic suppression and intimidation of student protesters, Chavez will become the presumptive president-for-life.

Chavez has been milking it like crazy and has not only demanded an apology, but linked it to trade according to a Reuters report.

In an interview on state television he demanded an apology. "The least I expect is that the king … offers some kind of apology." "I do not want things to get more serious but the king or the government of Spain needs to in some way recognize they are the ones at fault," he added.


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13 thoughts on “el rey calling

  1. Chavez is a ‘last hurrah’. Other emerging nations in the region will challenge the US for interest in the march to create another global superstate – check out Brazil

  2. Chavez is now claiming that his hero Simon Bolivar did not die a natural death in 1830, but was murdered by his enemies. No doubt it was the CIA!

  3. Thats some ‘business arranegment’! Re NAFTA Superhighway, the SPP or the NAU: fears are not unfounded, but some argue people are looking for answers in the wrong places. Focus attention on the things that we know are real, and that are undermining your sovereignty (and that of Canada and Mexico), as nearly 15 years of actual lived experiences can attest to. The acronyms to study are not SPP and NAU for now, but NAFTA.

  4. There is such a thing as being overly dramatic on the issue Josh – and that you surely are. NAFTA and the security of our borders – along with LOST – are issues that are being hotly debated in the US right now it is true. Millions of Americans are joining in the cacophony of voices both pro and anti.

    I would like to ask if you are a Ron Paul supporter, too, just so we know where you are coming from.

  5. Im just pointing out a few issues. The acronyms to study are not SPP and NAU for now, but NAFTA – and I should add the WTO. So taking the other post (by Patty) as a whole you are/you arent worried about it? I reckon Monicas earlier comment is what the Brits thought some decades back. The EU is no superstate – but exactly what youve outlined above.

  6. Josh, I think the EU was quite obvious about the intent from the beginning. I don’t see any comparison to be made at all.

    You have completely ignored LOST, which is a bigger issue than NAFTA right now. Are you an American? Interesting that you’ve now brought the WTO into it. That’s very telling.

  7. Monica

    It wasnt obvious at all! Its certainly not obvious to you even now. Look at how it was presented. The WTO related back to a point on the other thread.

    You are right about comments being very telling.

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