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I voted at 739 am. This was the actual paper ballot that I submitted.

The procedure in NYC is that you complete the ballot in a private booth, and then you walk over and out the ballot in the scanner for an immediate read. You walk out knowing that your vote has been counted.

I was in and out of there in 10 minutes. It’s like that every year. There’s never a need for long lines to vote.

I predict a Biden win, but as the great Yogi taught us, it ain’t over until it’s over. We’ll know a lot by 10pm.

May the better man win.

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306 thoughts on “Election Day 2020

  1. If even Murdoch has abandoned the cause Trump is beaten and he knows it. But I’m sure Hannity will spout Trump’s allegations as if they are indisputable facts and will go down on the sinking ship with his captain.

    And of course the “stolen election” myth will live on and grow among the faithful, and Junior Don will push it hard in his 2024 campaign.

  2. Murdoch knows which way the wind is blowing

    US based news hounds may wish to check out the evening news on CNBC, now hosted by Shep Smith, formerly of Fox News. Very solid.

  3. The Gambini Trump family are in a black rage with Fox since it called Arizona for Biden on Tuesday night. Apparently that took all the joy out of their get together watching the early results.

  4. On the bright side, there’s no doubt that Melania will be more than happy to leave the White House, since she never wanted to be there.

    #Set Her Free

  5. As Seamus said, that was probably a mistake by Fox…too early

    The NYT and many other media still have not called Arizona

    CNBC just re-stated that they think Arizona is too close to call

  6. Some Republicans, Including the governor of Maryland and Rick Santorum have criticized Trumps lies about mail ballots and about imaginary cheating

  7. Nineteen former United States attorneys — all of whom served under Republican presidents — released a statement on Thursday calling President Trump’s legal threats, claims of fraud and false declarations of victory “premature, baseless and reckless.”

    “We hereby call upon the president to patiently and respectfully allow the lawful vote-counting process to continue, in accordance with applicable federal and state laws, and to avoid any further comments or other actions which can serve only to undermine our democracy,” wrote the attorneys.


    End game…

  8. I spoke to somebody who worked today sorting ballots somewhere in Pennsylvania

    All the procedures were correct, everyone there was highly motivated to do it right

    Everything that Trump says on this is lies and bullshit.

    Defeat sucks, but someone with backbone will admit to it. The way McCain did.

    Even more than the failed presidency, he will be known in history for his complete lack of moral character. We have seen that for four years and more, we saw it tonight, we will see it tomorrow

  9. Pennsylvania may turn for Joe Biden at about 4 am

    Then we hear the real blood curdling meltdowns!

    They like close elections when they win them not so much when they lose

  10. So you don’t know the difference ?

    Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are one Party counties. Every elected position is controlled by just one party.

    Pa will be settled in the courts. My opinion mind you, but If Kurt is still placing bets that’s a sure one.

  11. and seriously I know you didn’t agree with me, but I thank you for staying out of it.

    I mean that. Thank you.

  12. Trump will get beat but the left got crushed

    Highly recommended article from a Trump critic, picked up from Drudge

    For four years Donald Trump has proven himself a corrupt, mendacious ignoramus utterly unfit for the position he holds. He’s led the nation through a pandemic that has left nearly a quarter million dead, is currently surging unchecked across the country, and has devastated the economy. And yet, the current tally shows him beating his showing from 2016 by 3.7 million votes. Trump may well come up short where it counts, but he still gained ground with the electorate relative to four years ago.

    So please, Democrats, look in the mirror and show a little humility. You’re not nearly as self-evidently wonderful or widely loved as you’d like to believe. You are not destined to prevail anywhere. You share a country with a large group of people who hate your guts, and who aren’t going to submit to your rule or go along with your giddy plans to remake the nation in your image. It’s time to start acting like you understand this implacable fact and all it implies about the limits of your power and the parameters of the possible.

  13. Like I said I’m just waiting for one side or the other to concede.

    Then I’ll have a lot to say about all of it.

  14. Trump won by the narrowest of margins in a series of states = marvelous

    Biden wins by The narrowest of margins in a series of states = it’s a conspiracy! Fraud!

    We remain a divided nation, but the people have spoken, more clearly than they did four years ago

  15. It should be all over today. Trump may hold Az, but it looks like Biden will take Pa.

    But even without Pa and Az, a win for Biden in GA is almost certain and if he then holds Nv, Trump is gone.

    I also don’t think we need look forward to Trump jr or the daughter etc in US politics for long. The Trump brand has been too seriously damaged and the next few months will see further mess and maybe even lawsuits against him. He’s soon be gone for good.

  16. The son is an empty suit.

    Even in the hereditary US , he’s going nowhere. He will be pushing condos going forward.

  17. Now that Biden has pulled ahead in Pennsylvania (with no reasonable route back into it from Trump) I wonder how long it will be before the networks start calling the election.

    I’d still say Biden is favourite for Arizona as well (Trump is gaining there but I don’t think he is gaining fast enough to overturn Biden’s lead).

  18. In reality the Republican Party over the next few years is going to be very interesting. Between the heirs of Trumpism (who want to simply continue the Trump Presidency, warts and all), to the old guard of the GOP who felt the GOP was in the right place pre-Trump, to those who aren’t happy with the old way of doing things but aren’t out and out Trumpers as well.

    The Republican Civil War could be entertaining to watch.

  19. //The Republican Civil War could be entertaining to watch.//

    Yes, but ultimately the Trumpublicans will be vanquished. The party isn’t called grand and old for nothing; maybe they’ll be able to identify and absorb the reasons for Trump without compromising on conservative values.
    The fact that the party did so well this time, very often outperforming the President, shows that they can survive and prosper without him, especially with all the own-goals on the other side and the Dems being so disoriented that they could well soon have their own civil war.

    My, that was a real leap for Biden in Pa, from being behind a moment ago he’s now almost 6K ahead.

  20. Trump is so psychologically unprepared to deal with any of this.

    Expect much more bizarre comment from him, far worse than what he said yesterday or at the first debate.

    The Republicans handed the keys to the Mercedes to a seriously drunk 14 year old in 2016. How do you recover from that? Why do they deserve to recover from that?

    The closest they have to leaders are people like Senator Ben Sasse, or maybe the corporatist Marco Rubio.

    It will be hard to re-knit what has unraveled, while keeping the Trump cultists from lurching even more in the Alex Jones conspiracy direction.

  21. “Yes, but ultimately the Trumpublicans will be vanquished. The party isn’t called grand and old for nothing; maybe they’ll be able to identify and absorb the reasons for Trump without compromising on conservative values.”

    Trump has a lot of support in a lot of the base. That is why Don Jr etc… are even being talked about when in a reasonable situation they wouldn’t be. Institutionally within the Republican Party Don Jr and Trumpism will have very little support. But then institutionally The Donald had very little support but still won the nomination.

    The Republican Party also aren’t in a good position. They have now lost (in terms of votes) seven of the last eight Presidential elections. They have won the popular vote twice in my life time (one of which when I was about 9 months old). And they lost three of those seven (popular vote wise) to Al Gore, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden – hardly the most inspiring group of people. Say what you want about The Donald (and I have said plenty) but he has increased his support amongst Latinos and Blacks (particularly men). With an increasingly diverse electorate the Republican Party are going to need to find ways to diversify their appeal. The party of old white men isn’t going to cut it anymore.

  22. The US financial markets remain calm, as a Biden win in the context of divided government nears certainty.

  23. In reality for the business community it is probably a good result. Biden won’t be in a position (even had he really wanted to) to do anything radical. The Trump tax cuts won’t be reversed. New regulatory powers around climate change will likely be difficult, meaning that if Biden wants to do something then it will have to be more carrot and less stick.

    But he will be in a position to undo Trump’s terrible trade agenda.

  24. A number of black and latino men like Trump’s bluster, flash, and not give a f** attitude about anything.

    This has been the case for decades.

    In rap and hip hop, Trump has been part of the dialogue since the 1980s! Much of the mentions critical, but not all of it by any means.


    Trump was not all bad on trade. He confronted a China that needed to be confronted. But now maybe Biden can make fairer deals where no one loses face.

  25. “Trump was not all bad on trade. He confronted a China that needed to be confronted. But now maybe Biden can make fairer deals where no one loses face.”

    The US was already confronting, just doing so in a manner that would actually work – via the WTO. Containment via international cooperation is the only way to confront China.

    The problem with Trump’s policy on China is it is exactly the same as the policy on Germany, Canada and everywhere else. If the US has a trade deficit then it needs to be closed (economy be damned).

    If the US didn’t have a trade deficit with China then Trump would have no issue with them.

  26. I think it is now fairly clear that Biden has won the election. If Trump wants a better legacy he should concede by stating ” I have had a wonderful 4 years as your President. I won an election that everyone predicted I would lose and I have after 4 years and in spite of all predictions kept the support of those who put their trust in me and indeed I leave this election with an increase in support. However, as a proud American I acknowledge my opponent has won this election so I leave office with my head held high and I intend to continue using my public platform on behalf of the interests of the almost 70 million Americns who voted for me”

    That’s what Trump should do but then again he wouldn’t be Trump if he did that !

  27. It will kill him to say anything generous.

    He has one strategy only 99% of the time – to lash out in the most vicious way.

    He is now cornered.

    Expect anything.

  28. He doesn’t even have to be generous to Biden if he doesn’t want to, but could verbally make a concession speech mentioning only his own undeniably respectable showing in this election. The only other real alternative now for him is to win by a series of very ugly and protected legal measures which could only flip the result his way through hugely controversial pro-Trump partisan decisions by the courts which is highly unlikely and would be hugely controversial and messy given Biden’s clear popular and electoral college mandate.

  29. A relatively blunt statement from the Biden team:

    The American people will decide this election. And the United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.

  30. There is no possibility whatever that Trump will concede. Even if he loses Pennsylvania by 100,000 votes and his legal challenges are shot down. And even if he loses Arizona, Georgia amd Nevada as well. And even if he loses North Carolina. At the moment he’s on course to lose the EC by about 300 to about 230.

    Why will he not concede? Because conceding graciously is for losers and he’s always been a winner. Oh wait …

  31. //He has one strategy only 99% of the time – to lash out in the most vicious way. /(/

    I heard it reported that Trump Snr once said to the young Don: “Look, son, there are only two kinds of guys in this world – killers and losers. Now which do you want to be?”

    His brashness could maybe also teach a lot of politicians a lot. Who else, after that fellow was shot in the back 7 times, would go straight into a Kenosha that was seething with rage and there give a speech praising the cops?

    Also, his energy and determination in the days shortly after he was released from hospital – visiting several states each day, while Joe mumbled a few boring words in just one before getting on his bus – was admirable, I thought, the way he didn’t care and didn’t spare himself.

    There is something grand about the way he was his own man, clearly not caring what his handlers thought or what his doctors advised.

    But best of all was his obvious loathing for wars.

  32. //And the United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.//

    There’ll be no need for force. They can just turn off the electricity supply to the WH and, without FoxNews and his Twitter phone low on power, the President will be out in a day.

  33. Trump is scared shitless that he will be faced with the steel bracelets if he loses. A federal pardon (from himself or from Pence if he resigns before inauguration day) will not protect him against the DA in Manhattan. The word is that Cohen has been singing like a canary:

    “A pardon would apply only to federal crimes. Making an illegal campaign contribution is a federal crime, but in this case, if Cohen is telling the truth, it may have involved other, state crimes. A payment was allegedly buried in the Trump Organisation’s accounts as ‘legal expenses’ and false accounting is a state crime in New York. More than that, Cohen told me he believed that Trump would almost certainly face state charges of tax evasion and of bank fraud. The Trump Organisation is being investigated by the Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance junior, who has already convened a Grand Jury. Cohen had spoken several times to state prosecutors about Trump’s business practices. He told me: ‘His dangers are vast and significant.’

    Cohen wouldn’t tell me exactly what evidence he has given to Vance but there are some clues in his book, Disloyal. Trump is accused of keeping two sets of books – one for the banks, another for the IRS. Cohen writes that Trump would order him and other executives to inflate the value of buildings and golf courses for the banks to get bigger loans. For instance, Seven Springs mansion in Westchester cost $7m (£5.3m) but was supposedly given a value of $291m (£224m) for Deutsche Bank. For the IRS on the other hand ‘the same properties would be deemed essentially worthless, or better yet the subject of giant capital losses…he could then deduct’. Trump reportedly took a $21m (£16m) tax deduction on Seven Springs. In one scene from Disloyal, Trump gets a tax refund check for $10 million (£7.7m) and holding it up, delighted, says: ‘Can you believe how fucking stupid the IRS is?’


  34. How do you see older comments, as this thread is near 300 comments the oldest comment that I see now is from Nov 6th.

  35. that’s interesting Fews . I never noticed that. Are you sure the first comment wasn’t on Nov 6th ?

  36. I spoke too soon, Seamus has explained it. There should really be a page view option to see earlier comments.

  37. Biden has improved his leads in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona and Georgia. On declared and current counts Biden is leading in the EC by 306 to 232.

    But Georgia looks certain to be a recount.

  38. After I posted my previous comment my URL became

    Election Day 2020

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  39. The mask of Trumpism slips

    FORMER White House chief strategist Steve Bannon on his War Room Pandemic podcast Thursday said that President Donald Trump should start his second term by beheading FBI Director Christopher Wray and Dr Anthony Fauci.

    Bannon started off by saying that Trump’s “second term kicks off with firing Wray, firing Fauci.”

    “Now I actually want to go a step farther but the president is a kind-hearted man and a good man. I want to go back to the old times of Tudor England,” the former Trump aide said.

    “I’d put the heads on pikes, right, I would put them on the two corners of the White House as a warning to federal bureaucrats—you either get with the program or you’re gone. Time to stop playing games.”

    Expect much more of this.

  40. On declared and current counts Biden is leading in the EC by 306 to 232.

    I’ve just noticed that this was the exact result for Trump in 2016. Spooky or what?

  41. Gateway Pundit is a major blowhard right wing site. The usual suspects here will be parroting such remarks shortly.

    BREAKING: Pennsylvania Democrats Create Nearly 700,000 Votes To Put Joe Biden In Lead Since Election

  42. Bannon will claim his bloodlust remark was in jest, but in fact it ramps up the temperature at a dangerous time and shows the extent of his fanaticism. Fauci has had death threats and now gets police protection.

    I read a recent article about the assassination of Israeli PM Rabin by a fanatical Jewish settler in 1995. In the months prior to that killing Rabin was demonised and routinely called a traitor by Jewish West Bank settlers and their political allies, including Bibi Netanahu. Bibi even took part in a demo in which a mock Rabin coffin was carried.

    Words matter.

  43. It looks like Arizona and Nevada will get Biden to 270, in which case Pennsylvania and Georgia won’t matter.

  44. Apparently a horde of Trumpists protested against Fox because it called Arizona for Biden (correctly as it now appears) on Tuesday night. They were egged on by Junior Don and the well-beloved Eric. Jarrod Kushner “reached out” in vain to Murdoch to get him to order the station to retract the call.

    Trump’s fall-out with Murdoch makes Trump TV a near-certainty in 2021. Imagine a station that makes Fox look moderate. It will be all Infowars-Breitbart-QAnon, on a good day. Hannity must be a cert to be the main man on screen.

    “The complaints began on Tuesday night when the network’s call spoiled an otherwise optimistic mood at Trump’s election watch party at the White House, according to The Times. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey insisted to administration officials that there were still enough outstanding votes to tip the state for Trump. Senior campaign adviser Jason Miller “frantically” called the network to ask it to retract its call but failed. Kushner contacted Murdoch but was apparently unsuccessful, as well. Instead, Arnon Mishkin, the head of Fox News’ decision desk, came on the air to defend the call.”


  45. They called the state well after the Arizona polls had closed I believe

    So the call didn’t sway any voters behavior – the far west states except Alaska were going blue in any event

  46. With hindsight, the Arizona call by Fox was a straw in the wind. Tuesday night was a red mirage caused by postal ballots mostly not being counted until afterwards. This greatly increased the usual “blue shift” in the following days. But that will be forgotten in the “stolen election” myth which is already an article of faith for the true cultists and will be shamelessly promoted by the Trump lie machine in the weeks and months ahead.

  47. Yes, and yes.

    Please, I beg of the usuals to speak. I love me a good fake stolen election yarn.

  48. Patrick Went to Philadelphia to celebrate the Biden win, in a spirit of bipartisanship

    Pennsylvania is making us all proud by putting him over the top

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