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This is one Conservative policy that has to be broadly welcomed.

The long-term unemployed will have to undertake work placements in return for their benefits, under changes to be unveiled by Chancellor George Osborne. From April, people who are jobless after being on the Work Programme will face three options, including community work, or face losing benefits. Mr Osborne will announce the plan at the Conservative Party conference.

I was on BBC London discussing this issue earlier this morning and they did a Vox Pop which even in London showed widespread support for the concept in play here. I think it is VERY reasonable to ask people to DO SOMETHING in exchange for their benefits. Naturally, the political Left take exception to this and howl with outrage at this “draconian’ notion that the idle may have to actually get up off their lardy backsides.

Labour said the idea was proof the Work Programme, set up by the coalition two years ago, had failed.

That’s a bit rich coming from the Party that when in government made sure it provided those who don’t work with benefits that in some cases were much more financially lucrative than the income some people in work received! Labour are the suppliers of Welfarism to their client base and so can be expected to scream fowl but the truth is that this is overdue and welcome.

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  1. I think most people would agree that something has to be done, but if they implement a ‘one size fits all’ solution, as is their usual answer to such social problems, then they will only make the problem worse.

    The causes for unemployment vary from region to region, and any solution will have to take that fact into account, something that I very much doubt will happen.

    Osbourne gave an example of the political ‘narrowness of mind’ when being interviewed this a.m. on BBC tv. He quoted TNT as creating a 1,000 postal jobs in the Manchester area as an example of ‘job creation’, and all on the eve of the Royal Mail service being sold off to the public.

    Two points arise, would these 1,000 jobs be re-employed Royal Mail workers, or would they be ‘new jobs’?, secondly, his braggy remark hardly helps the sale of shares, including those being offered to ‘Posties’ as an inducement to accept the privatisation when the Royal Mail is floated. What a genius the man is! – as usual, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

    That we are having yet another spell of politically motivated, vote catching meddling to look forward to when the obvious answer to solving the problem that is at the root of so many of our socially based problems, is to curb the excessive flow of immigration.

    Tinkering with just one aspect of our social malaise is all rather pointless while we are being continually burdened with an ever growing population, who perhaps may be part of the problem.

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