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Gloucestershire, to be a bit more precise. Sometimes the old girl can still turn your head, such as when she shows you 400 years of Cotswold stone beauty –

And then you notice the damned recycling sacks branded with the council emblem. Bright blue I ask you! This is vandalism.


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12 thoughts on “England Today

  1. So beautiful. I agree about the bags but that could be changed and is just petty vandalism. It is the things being done to our landscape and built environment that can’t be changed that is the real vandalism.

  2. Great pic Pete and a good point. A picture can indeed speak a thousand words. Town hall Nazis.

  3. Patty –

    That’ll be the fog that was just lifting!

    Peter –

    It’s the village of Bibury, a few miles from Cirencester.

  4. Thanks Pete

    I’ve been in Bourton, Broadway and Chipping Camden. A beautiful part of England.

  5. I want a vicar to be passing on his bike and Miss Marple on her way to the the local tea shop :o)

  6. Aren’t such bags outside for a morning a week before a pick-up, seems a bit overstated. And considering that recycling helps the environment so that we can continue to preserve our lovely places, this doesn’t seem to be to big a deal. And lastly, most people (outside of ATW’s community) understand the need for recycling and thus it is a fairly democratic sign.

  7. Peter –

    Oh it is. Bibury isn’t near anywhere or on the road to anywhere, so it’s tranquil.

    I was in Bourton on the Water yesterday and it was murder – tourists everywhere. But then it’s on the tourist trail, has a coach park and no end of Olde Shoppes selling Ye Olde Tatte to Touristes.

  8. I support recycling completely.

    Here, we were asked to use special colored bags, but we just refused to do so. Having to manufacture and use special bags actually causes additional and unnecessary pollution. Now, almost universally, we New Yawkahs use supermarket plastic bags when we leave out paper, glass, metal and some plastic for recycling.

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