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ENGLAND has regained The Ashes from Australia – huzzah! On a glorious summer’s day at The Oval, Australia’s cricketing chaps were skittled out 197 runs short of their target to give England a 2-1 series win. God truly is an Englishman today.

So I’m sure I speak for all in heartily congratulating England captain Andrew Strauss and his gallant cricketing chaps. To retiring all-round colossus Freddie Flintoff, cheers big man, you were always one of us.

And to Aussie captain Ricky Ponting and his boys – hard luck colonials …

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7 thoughts on “England’s Heroes Regain The Ashes

  1. Quite a fantastic history to this match up. Great Sport rivalry is one of life’s delights.

  2. Excellent result -been away all day and just seen this. God is indeed an Englishman, today. Tomorrow, of course, he reverts to being an Ulsterman. Huzzah!

  3. God truly is an Englishman today.

    Well, if God exists he was definitely on England’s side at 10.30 am on Thursday when England won the toss and got to bat first on what Graham Gooch described as a "result pitch".

    But let’s not quibble – a great result for England and a great series to reinvigorate test cricket in the face of the 20-20 onslaught.

    Apologies to our American contributors, but I find baseball as difficult to uinderstand as you guys find cricket.

  4. I have a business friend in London who is a huge, huge fan of cricket which makes him a bit of an oddity in a workspace where everybody else worships Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, and other bizarre organizations.

    I am happy for him. I am aware what a big accomplishment this is.

    Good job. lads. Tremendous.

  5. Daphne –

    There are no hotties in that photo, just blokes. The one in the middle is Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff, English cricketing hero and all round top fella.

  6. its a great achievement and i trust the English are allowed to celebrate as they choose without the usual suspects readying themselves to seize any expression of English pride as provocative and triumphalist;

    as an Irishman born in N. Ireland, despite the tragedies and misunderstandings that have come to pass
    between our nations i;ve always found much to admire in the English as in the rest of the nations that comprise the UK in spite of past Unionist "mismanagement" of this province and endemic hostility of the Catholic hierarcy towards their Protestant fellow countrymen…….am i on a tangent here…… of rant!

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