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An ominous landmark:

White births in the United States are no longer in the majority, according to new data from the US Census Bureau, as a rising Hispanic population contributes to an historic demographic shift.

Minority races – Hispanics, blacks and Asians and other mixed races – accounted for 50.4 per cent of births over the year to July, accounting for a majority for the first time in US history.

The foul Ted Kennedy would have been so proud.

UPDATE: I see DV has posted on this immediately above, so comments there please.

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  1. The redefinition of Hispanic is part of the reason for this.

    Hispanics used to be categorized as white, now they are a separate class.

    Which is tricky since many Hispanics are as white as the King of Sweden, many are Indian, some are black, and many are mixed.

    You would think that obsessions with race would be lessening, but that is unfortunately not the case. There is a well funded race industry that depends on stirring the pot.

  2. Phantom,

    “You would think that obsessions with race would be lessening, but that is unfortunately not the case.”

    Obsession? One hopes that you aren’t alluding to Pete and David, who seem to be equally upset about a Telegraph story.

  3. Well said, Richard. This is nothing but petty racism. Aaaww, those darkies are outbreeding us!

  4. Pete,

    “Comments upstairs please.”

    Yes, I spoke to God about it.

    He said that he’s none too pleased with the pair of you—but that three Hail Marys and an Our Father will spare you a month or two of hellfire.

  5. “Yes, I spoke to God about it and He said,
    “that Richard Clinton is talking to himself again.”

  6. Ted kennedy, a descendent of immigrants and immigrants who were not welcomed with open arms) may very well have been proud. Which is more than ca nbe said for the two posts on the topic.

  7. as for the color of America who cares, as long as they love America… oh wait that’s not allowed anymore

  8. // a family of scum, //

    Troll, if it wasn’t for that family of scum, Pennsylvania would now be an obliterated radioactive swamp.

  9. No JFK was a F**k up, he blew the missile crises, screwed the turks with it, and it was own weakness that caused it. Plus he put us in vietnam. He was also addicted to pain killers and sticking his pr*** in anything that moved.

    The only thing he did right in office was cut taxes

  10. Not when it comes to politicians Troll – Judge them by their achievements not their character.

  11. The Kennedy’s plural political achievements are just as bad as the personal ones and doing what you say is what both our nations have done except for the rare exception and it has screwed us every-time.

    Character is everything

  12. //He was also addicted to ..sticking his pr*** in anything that moved.//

    Must be why he screwed that Russian convoy trying to reach Cuba.

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