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When you read the interminable reams of paper shovelled through your letter box, anf after you have combined those instructions regarding the urgent necessity to re-cycle everything with the more agressively-pointed bullshit spewed through the screens and speakers of your television sets on the same subject, you of course would believe that all these ‘experts’ know of what they talk.

You have washed and crushed all your tin cans, being careful of course not to drop any aluminium cans into the same box, because that’s against the rules, and you’ve stored them separately anyway. You’ve stored all the empty glass bottles in bio-degradable plastic bags from the supermarket, tied all the newspapers together, crammed all the plastic milk containers together with the soft drink plastics.  You even made a special trip to the Waste Recycling depot with your old computer, because you know that all computers contain toxic materials, and they must be handled carefully, and you just know that you have done your bit for the environment!

Well, not really! You didn’t really believe all the ZaNuLabour bullshit spewed out about how it is saving the planet did you? Well, I’ve got news for you; when your recycled rubbish is pushed and crammed together with all the neighbours rubbish, it was supposed to head for China, where all those industrious little yellow workers beaver away, sorting out all the televisions from the computers, plastic from the cardboard, and then process it into making new computers and boxes for Chinese goods to flood out into the European market. But because of the Global Depression, China isn’t selling much of anything these days, so all the environmentally-friendly electronic garbage heads for: you guessed it; Ghana and Nigeria.

In a superb display of market awareness, the scrap dealers buy the old computers, the rubbish mountains from all the Council waste sites, and ship ’em out to Africa, because there the scrap dealers know that they can get away with virtually anything, and strip, gouge and burn all the toxic remainder of the batteries and other residue with supreme disregard for any so-called Environmental Laws! Greenpeace slotted a tracker onto an old television set, and tracked it from Hampshire county council’s dump to Nigeria. Still, someone’s made a few bucks out of it, and therefore it’s done well for the environment around some guy’s wallet!



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2 thoughts on “environmentally friendly

  1. Wow. THat was interesting. I would love to see a documentary following the life of say, a recycled computer, and see where it actually goes.

  2. Well I was rather upset about having rationed rubbish collected every other week but assumed at least the recycled stuff was being properly dealt with. Is there anything that Labour can’t make a mess of?

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