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The National Health Service – it’s the ENVY of the world!

“A patient has died unnoticed and unattended on a trolley in the emergency department of one of Northern Ireland’s busiest hospitals. He was lying in the Accident and Emergency ward at Belfast’s Royal Victoria Hospital waiting to be transferred between wards.”

Dead. On a trolly. And staff don’t even know.

Wonder who will lose their job over this? That’s right – no-one. Will the Health Minister resign? Of course not. Get real – the NHS is a bureaucracy first, it deals with health in a secondary position.

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One thought on “ENVY OF THE WORLD…

  1. There’s an old saying: SEE NAPLES AND DIE!

    I don’t really know the origin of this; however Naples wouldn’t make a pimple on the arse of the Health Service Executive when it comes to crossing the river Styx before one’s time.

    The HSE run hospitals for the most part worse than the Black Hole of Calcutta + the Japanese WW-II P.O.W. camp, Cabanatuan and Auschwitz combined. MRSA and multitudes of other almost impossible to cure diseases abound. People lay unattended on trolleys for days. Granted there are a few Dublin Hospitals that are kept like show places for foreign dignitary visits.

    Even Irish government officials don’t use the dreaded HSE public hospitals. Michael D. Higgins went private in Galway for knee surgery recently. Doesn’t that re-enforce your warm and cosy feeling about the “public” health-care system?

    I keep a “special fund” to buy 1st class airline tickets to JFK at a moment’s notice in case I fall ill enough to need a hospital. Give me a good old Jewish establishment like Mount Sinai anytime over Tallaght.

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