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Turkish president Recep Erdogan says that Kodane, on the Turkey/Syria border is about to be overrun by ISIS. He should know, his military has a granstand view of the fighting from 2km away. While the Kurdish town  was first surrounded and strangled, his military seems to have done a tremendous job of showing off its tank manoeuvres. The fighting is now in the town centre and will soon end. The Kurdish defenders are fighting to the death with small arms and no support against an ISIS force with heavy American equipment.

Con Coughlin seems to have noticed that the Turks aren’t fully up for the fight against ISIS. In fact a cynic might suggest they’re relishing ISIS wiping out a few thousand Kurds. The Turkey-Syria border has been notoriously porous and some have reported ISIS convoys being waved through and into Kobane while Kurds have been stopped. In fact the only Turkish gunfire has been at Kurdish protestors, with one killed.

So much for the air strikes, which have been pretty ineffective. Obama has ruled out boots on the ground and most American armour seems to be parked a few miles from the Russian border right now. Priorities, priorities …

It’s a great game for the snakes in government. Their only goal is always that they come out ahead. A few thousand Kurdish lives are meaningless. More fool them for hoping for rescue.


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  1. “More fool them for hoping for rescue.”

    Who told you that? For months now comrades in the YPG have been mobilising to protect Kobane. Indeed, in the great internationalist spirit, comrades from all over the world, including Turkish anarchists, have been getting in any way they can to help protest the town. Anti-imperialists know no good can come from imperialist bombs.

  2. Loath them or loath them, these ISIS fighters sure are driven people!
    Fighting on the ground and harassed from the air, they keep on going.
    Mind you, having looted $400 million & gold bullion from Mosuls’ banks I’d feel pretty invulnerable too.

  3. With every $1000,000 cruise missile fired, the share holders of such will be the happiest people on the planet.
    In that, I agree with Petr.

  4. 2 days on, the Kurds are still fighting bravely to hold the town.

    The centre of Kobane is no more than a few hundred yards from the Turkish border, and if ISIS finally do mange to take it some overspill onto Turkish territory is inevitable. Obama can then promise no “boots on the ground” as much as he likes – if a NATO member’s territory is attacked, all members are obliged to join in the scrap.

    Maybe that’s what Erdogan wants. After all, Kurds live on both sides of the border and, as Pete says, he hardly cares if ISIS joins in the killing of Kurds that his military has been continuing for the past few decades.

  5. The Turks have been immoral and incompetent here.

    The issues are complicated,but here they don’t lift a finger because ISIS is doing them two favors here – killing Kurds, and fighting Assad. The Turks want Assad out, and they like anyone who kills Kurds.

    So let the massacres continue, as our great NATO ally and would be EU member looks on with a smirk.

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