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A television drama series ended last night.

Broadchurch has gradually laid hold of the nation’s imagination, and by the start of the final instalment it held it in a sure, vice-like grip.”

Nope, never heard of it.

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  1. Nope,

    Never watched it. Never wanted to watch it.
    If I want see murder, mayhem and assassinations I come to ATW.
    It is appalling that there are no soaps about ordinary folks being if not nice, then tolerant to/of each other.
    Eh Pete?

  2. The online version of the Telegraph is losing readers to other harder hitting news sites like the Mail at such an alarming rate, it is resorting to blatant advertising in many of it’s articles. (Your link is rather typical).
    It’s paywall is a bit of a failure too.
    My guess is that much of its content has been handed over to women on minimum wages.

  3. The most dreary, boring crime drama serial ever, with the equally boring ‘one expression’ faced actors, so typical of modern tv. Coupled with the omnipresent, intrusive and utterly mindnumbing musical background that in itself is enough to induce boredom and drowsiness.

    The many minutes of each episode dedicated to the ‘star actors’ peering wistfully out to sea from beach or clifftop apparently are all that is needed to convince viewers of the ‘quality of the acting’ – to label them all as ‘one trick ponies’ would not be doing any of them an injustice.

    Filmed in an attractive part of the coast, it has apparently done wonders for the tourist trade in there.

    To sum up the series, – “What a load of rubbish!’

  4. Never seen it. I belive it’s on one of those terrestrial channels that poor people get. Better things to watch.
    Last night was a new episode of a Canadian detective series that the Memsahib and I are partial to.

    Murdoch Mysteries on the Alibi channel 132.

  5. “Never seen it. I belive it’s on one of those terrestrial channels that poor people get”.
    Who are you calling poor? We are simply bums who have fallen on hard(er) times..
    And anyway, what does that make Pete Moore?? A schnorrer, a parasite, a rogue? 🙂

    We have started with “Endeavour” purporting to be a young (and melancholy) Inspector Morse. Not too bad. Can’t compare with the late great John Thaw of course!
    Sky is RUBBISH!
    Neh neh ne neh neh!!

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