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ababy1As I have maybe commented before, there truly is nothing quite like a Royal Event to get the British and Foreign Press Photographers in an uproar.


When  PARKING  gets suspended because  a fairly presentable and sensible young woman is planning to have her baby in a London hospital, and the birth has actually been awarded an official number, we are indeed approaching Warp 10.



But when a whole area is cordoned off so that those same photographers can stand looking at the windows and main entrance of that hospital, all the while knowing that that same young woman is not going to dance at the window whilst holding the baby immediately after its birth, I am indeed forced to realise that we have entered the same space as that described in the episode ‘Where silence has Lease‘; without, of course, the diabolical creature in the Star Trek plot.


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12 thoughts on “Event SO601865

  1. Bleedin’ nonsense!
    Leave the poor girl alone.
    It’s enough that she has to go through the indignities and pain that go with giving birth without knowing you’ve got thousands outside waiting for you to deliver.
    What kind of pressure is that?!

  2. Could be worse, they could have been there at conception. Now THAT’S pressure enough to make a man go bald.

  3. ” Prince Charles must be thrilled. So must William’s father.”
    Low blow, low blow.

  4. Paul,
    What the heck is
    ” Ees aroight me old choina.”
    supposed to be?
    You been at the meths again?

  5. It would be fascinating to trace the lineage of the royal family using modern genetic research facilities.

    (I have little doubt that William and Harry are Charles but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was more than stepfather to a few).

    Victoria may not have been the Duke of Kent’s daughter.

    Edward V may not have been the son of Richard of York – he who gave battle in vain.

    Of course even if the natural line did get broken it might have reconnected itself later. Diana and therefore William is a descendant of Charles II.

    I wonder what percentage of the current population of England is defended from William I.

    Beyond being a member of the Royal Family, it must be fascinating for them (and this includes Baby Cambridge) to know so much about the characters of so many in their family. I worked with a descendant of William IV. I knew so much about his great great …… granddaddies and grannies.

  6. Well if you don’t know where you live you have got a problem..
    The wife and I made friends with a young blackbird while we were digging in the garden today. It was coming right up to our feet and grabbing worms and grubs from the new turned earth. I was quite chuffed. Only need another 23 and we could have a pie.
    I rather fancied myself as a St Agit8ed of Norfolk, but my wife reckons the reason it came so close to me is because it probably has learning difficulties too..

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