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As the UK ‘s largest private sector employer, retail giant Tesco has been targeted by the likes of the Socialist Worker’s Party and its pals as a “slave labour” employer. This has resulted in some Tesco stores having their entrances blocked by Big Sloth. I wonder how they will therefore react to this news;

Tesco is to create 20,000 jobs in the UK, focusing on opportunities for young unemployed people, it has announced. The firm said it would create the full- and part-time jobs over two years, invest in additional staff hours and training and improve stores.

Oh no. The sheer horror of it all! How dreadful that a private sector employer embarks on a major employment programme. If we’re not careful this might mean that unemployment levels FALL and that would constitute a major setback for the leftist agitprop operators and their media lickspittles out there who realise that if Labour is to have any chance of getting back into government in 2015 then it is vital that unemployment stays HIGH. That’s the rule here and that’s why this welcome announcement from Tesco will be met with studied silence from the Left.

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One thought on “EVERY LITTLE HELPS?

  1. 20,000 low-paid, unskilled jobs stacking shelves with imported goods and food – what a mess the economy really is in.

    I was in M&S (for American readers – that’s Marks and Spencer and not a sexual deviancy) for something last year, can’t quite remember what, but as I was looking through the veg area, I spotted produce wrapped in a plastic bag with the Union Jack on it. British produce at last, said this then BNP supporter to himself but, on closer inspection, I saw that it came from a farm just outside my home town and I know for a fact that no locals were involved in picking the product – all Poles and Czechs. The farmer even rents caravans to the poorly-paid workers and gets back the money he paid them. Any remaining money gets sent back to Poland or the Czech Republic so it would have been easier just importing the sprouts. This is teh reality of the British economy and jobs in Tesco will not be the fix.

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