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Wonder what YOU make of this;

Britain is to stop giving aid to 16 countries after a major review found they were no longer in poverty. Countries such as Russia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Moldova and Serbia will be stripped of millions of pounds a year, following the inquiry ordered by International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell. Aid to India – which can afford its own space programme – will also be frozen. But vast amounts of extra money – 30 per cent of the entire aid budget – will be pumped into unstable terrorist hotspots such as Yemen and Somalia, in a bid to help them to crack down on citizens exporting violence.

Here’s a suggestion – stop ALL of this aid right now. India and China sure don’t need it but trying to bribe the Yemenese and Somalians is also pure folly.

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2 thoughts on “EXPORTING MADNESS…

  1. I support targeted foreign aid, but only if if none of it is stolen and if it goes to people who want to work very hard so that they actually do develop

    The US gave aid to places like Thailand and Korea in the past decades that was largely well spent.

    Especially Korea- from Third World to First World in the blink of an eye.

    The dirty little secret is that most of the ” developing world ” is not developing at all. Africa is actually going backwards if we’re going to be honest about it.

  2. What’s a Somalian war Lord to do, do you realise the cost these days, of 22ct gold plated AK47’s, and the cost of diamond encrusted Lear jets has gone through the roof.

    Not too mention, the outragous cost of all the shiny, jingly jangly stuff.

    Give a poor warlord a break, keep the ‘Aid’ flowing?

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