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As a matter of fact, I appreciate the manner of a man who speaks exactly as he finds!

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9 thoughts on “Fair enough

  1. Bangor farmer tells superstar Rihanna to ‘cover up’

    There are no more stars. Everyone is a ” superstar ”

    There are no more models. They’re all ” supermodels ”

    This isn’t a blog. It’s a ” superblog “

  2. She is lovely.
    Would I want to sc** her?

    Could I fall in love with her?
    That’s a very different matter.
    What I find so depressing is that more and more young women seem to be content to be regarded as sexually desirable “objects” rather than people with talent, intelligence, gentleness, vulnerability and loyalty.
    I find it sad because about a hundred years ago women fought to get the vote, and now some of their descendants are happy to be viewed as objects to sell ‘services’ or ‘products’.

  3. Well there you go Mahons.

    “And now the Entertainment News …” is my invite to turn over pronto.

  4. She’s a typical obnoxious piece of well done meat. Just like her cronies from around the world it’s all about moola making and material collecting. I bet she’s about as friendly to the “common person” as a scorpion.


    If I were the farmer I’d toss her fat bootie off my land and strongly advise her to get the Hell out of the country.

    Head for the Republic sweetie. They just love for blood-sucking bitches.

    Right Sinead O’Connor?

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