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Last summer, corporate media outlets ranging from the Washington Post and the New York Times to CNN and MSNBC treated the claim from unnamed intelligence sources as gospel truth and used it to fuel their anti-Trump narratives ahead of the 2020 election. These are the same media outlets that peddled false narratives about the debunked Russia collusion hoax.

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10 thoughts on “Fake News that started in the NYTs

  1. Can you link to any stories where the NYT or WP said that the stories were ” gospel truth ” or clearly true.

    Of course you can’t. You made it up.

    I never took this bounty story seriously, said so here. Kurt believed it, not sure that others did. It wouldn’t have been in Russian national interest to do such a thing.

    The Russians are not friends of the likes of Taliban or Al Queda. They are enemies.

  2. Phantom, on June 29th, 2020 at 6:25 PM Said:
    I question the veracity of this.

    For starters, the Taliban did not need further motivation to kill our troops.

    And…the Russian military and the Taliban are the worst of enemies.

    Under Putin, Russia helped our military when we entered Afghanistan in 2001.

    Mahons, on June 29th, 2020 at 6:31 PM Said:
    Precisely why it needs to be verified. The enemy of my enemy is my friend could be a rationale for it.

    Phantom, on June 29th, 2020 at 6:37 PM Said:
    I don’t think that this would serve any Russian interests

    And the Russians tend to be very sober about such things

  3. The NYT, CNN, the WaPo ran with it, ginned it up, sold it as the truth, attacked President Trump with it – and it was a pack of lies. They all said it was true, and it was a pack of lies. They did that because the press are chronic liars and full time propagandists.

    Phantom –

    You are defending liars. From a WaPo liar:

    “We have confirmed the ⁦@nytimes scoop: A Russian military spy unit offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants to attack coalition forces in Afghanistan. From ⁦@nakashimae @missy_ryan me and ⁦@shaneharris”

    He didn’t confirm it with anyone, because it’s a pack of lies, and that’s confirmed.

  4. Nothing is confirmed.

    Twitter isn’t anything.

    Show verification that they said that the story was true in their newspaper, print or web edition.

  5. Don’t give me that crap. He’s a WaPo liar claiming that he’s confirmed the NYT fairy tale. And don’t tell me that the tens of millions who watched these lies came away thinking it was unsubstantiated rumour –

    The entire press pack reported lies as truth in order to unseat the president. A real American wouldn’t defend that.

  6. I will criticize the NYT all day long but you guys -still- haven’t shown where they said incorrect things on this.

    All the contemporary reports that I read ( and re-read today ) show them as being very careful in what they said about intel reports on alleged bounties.

    The assertion was not confirmed then, it has not been disproven now.

    Maybe you should turn off the TV and read more.

  7. Maybe you should read something besides the NYTs and Wapo…. the WSJ doesn’t count.

    The NYTs, Wapo, CNN, MSNBC all pushed the FAKE NEWS above and the fake news of Russian Collusion 4 over 5 years, hell some of you asses still believe the Steele Dossier…

    Phantom you really need to seek help for your TDS.

  8. I’m hearing echo’s….. for you Phantom…. a Little Tucker on the subject

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