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Glad to see that Nigel Farage, UKIP MEP, has attacked David Cameron’s bizarre idea that Turkey MUST join the EU!

“He states that those who wish to preserve our culture make him angry. Well, Prime Minister, your cavalier approach to the traditions and history of this country make us all very angry, but your anger can lead to disastrous and irreversible changes to our nation,” Mr Farage said.
Under EU laws of free movement the people of Turkey would be granted the right to move to Britain, nobody in Britain has ever been asked if they are happy with that. Turkey is a nation whose population is projected to grow to 100million by 2020 by the Council of Europe. 

Mr Farage continued: “Worse still, as he knows that Turkish accession will be rejected by France, Germany, Austria and others he is guilty of building up hopes where there are none. Of course we should be building up trade links, of course we should encourage free movement of capital and goods. Of course we should be politically supportive of a friend and ally, but to do so requires honesty. Not snake oil and insincerity.”

Mr Cameron knows that he is flying in the face of the people of Britain by making this grandiose gesture to the Turkey. He knows that his point of view is shared only by a small number of people in the UK, and he knows that he cannot deliver on his demand. “What is more he knows that Turkish membership would change the EU constitutionally so much that it would require a new Treaty and ratification in the UK by referendum under his own ‘referendum lock’.. A referendum he knows he would lose.”

All very good points, in particular the last one which makes me wonder just how “safe” the constitutional lock Cameron talks about as regards future changes to EU treaties actually is.

Turkey has NO place in the EU, or to put it another way, if Turkey enters the EU, we should leave, lock up our borders, and watch the rapid Islamisation of the continent from our position of detachment.

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  1. David, We should leave anyway. It’s the downfall of Britain as a sovereign state and now with Cameron let loose we are in grave danger.

  2. In reality this is a ploy by Cameron. Here is the leader of the UK, a country that has invaded two Muslim countries in the last decade, extending a hand of friendship to a leading Muslim nation. It bolsters the moderates in the Muslim world without any real risk of Turkey ever getting into the EU. There is too much opposition to it, the EU project is currently being held together by a piece of string and Turkey could just break that string, the current occupation of Northern Cyprus and many other things make Turkey’s entrance to the EU impossible. But Call Me Dave gets to appear as a moderate to the Muslim world without actually giving them anything, especially compared to the blood soaked hands of Blair and Brown.

  3. Seamus: "It bolsters the moderates in the Muslim world without any real risk of Turkey ever getting into the EU."

    Ha ha! There are no moderates in the Muslim world, like the Hun they are either at your feet or at your throat.

    My preference is the former.

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