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Her career spanned nearly 50 years and, although famous for playing Cockney battleaxes was actually born in Middlesbrough. Today we finally said farewell to a British icon. Wendy Richard, perhaps best known as the uber-matriarch Pauline Fowler in Eastenders, succumbed to breast cancer at the age of 65.

As a northerner I have never been a particular fan of the show. For me Wendy Richard will always be remembered as the dizzy young shop assistant, Miss Brahms, in the 1970s comedy classic Are You Being Served? Now at the age of 36 I am beginning to realise just how many people I associate with my childhood who have passed on. Take AYBS? as an example.  John Inman, Arthur English, Harold Bennett and Arthur Brough are no longer with us. However, who would have thought, looking at a relatively youthful Wendy Richard standing beside blue-rinsed, middle aged Mrs Slocombe played by Mollie Sugden, that the latter would still be going strong at the age of 87?

Wendy Richard began her acting career in the early Carry On films. She also had a very brief singing career, featuring on a record that shot straight to the top of the UK charts (it didn’t chart in America) in June 1962. I’ll leave you with Wendy vocally accompanying a romantically-inclined Mike Sarne on that very song entitled ‘Come Outside’.

Wendy Richard – 1943 – 2009 – RIP.

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5 thoughts on “Farewell Miss Brahms

  1. Can’t say I’m a fan of Eastenders either, and I’m from the gaff. Then again, I don’t watch any soaps, so Wendy Richard was always Miss Brahms for me too.

    I didn’t know that John Inman had shuffled off already – blimey. Good to know Mollie Sugden is still with us. I reckon she’ll be good for another 20 years that one.

  2. Well remember the record when it first came out. Very catchy beat.
    Mike Sarne, who is still around, WAS from south London but said he could never match her ‘glottal stop’.
    On the disc he hams it up, but hers’ was real.

  3. Ah Wendy.. Believe it or not but I dated her as a teenager when she was taking her first hesitant steps on the road to stardom. Good times and my name sums it all up=P

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