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It’s been another bloody weekend in London. Various promising rappers and footballers have been shot and stabbed. A mother is in tears across the press, pleading for it to stop. Labour MPs are tweeting that enough is enough. The Mayor of London is stinking up the airwaves as usual. And the coppers are speaking out too. So many experts, so much concern, and not a clue as the cause.

A former Met Police Superintendent, Leroy Logan, said the “growing crisis” had seen “younger and younger people” being groomed by negative peer groups and gangs.

Yes, the gangs are proxies for absent fathers and weak families. This is where they find belonging and a cause. It’s a male thing. Military recruiters have known this for as long as there have been armies.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that education was the key to stopping young people buying into “the thug life and all the glamorisation of that sort of violent lifestyle”.

And we’re back in Loony Left Land. No, the key to stopping it is to roll back sixty years of radical social policies. The problem is the absence of fathers. It’s welfarism without shame, which subsidises women to have children without a husband’s commitment. It’s that women now have children out of wedlock and it’s seen as normal, not as an act of great shame and disgrace. It’s that homes are without families, because there are no fathers and the mother often has to work.

This is historically and socially abnormal. We really do know what the solutions are, but there is no appetite for implementing them because that would be to undo the British cultural revolution.

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12 thoughts on “FATHERS MATTER

  1. It’s a very simplistic answer to claim single motherhood is the cause of all this violence and cheapening of life. You can’t freeze society in a 1950s aspic or hope to turn back the clock to a different period and try and keep it there. It isn’t just changing social attitudes that create different ways of living, it’s everything from technology to changing work structures and the inevitable practise of each young generation developing their own culture and lifestyles. We are not going to create a world in which no one has children until they are married and stay married to the same partner for ever. That is a pipe dream. We can however use authority without political correctness to crack down on the gangs and prosecute and sentence fiercely and lengthily so that those who casually stab shoot and kill will spend their lives behind bars and if that means building more prisons and filling them with thousands of young “gangsters” so be it.

  2. We can however use authority without political correctness

    Too late, the rot has set in, anyway, the organisation behind all this PC madness have Infected far too many minds, and don’t really care too much for authority as it stands.

    “To lead above and beyond authority”

  3. weekly post:
    For those who have a go at solutions this from the horses mouth actually amalgamates the twin ideas contained in petem’s post and colms contribution:

    Business owner and former gang member Daniel Barnes describes turning his life around after a lack of positive male role models led him to violence and crime

    “As a young teenager growing up in south London, I found gang culture very appealing. It seemed more like a family. Since I was being raised by my mother and an older sister, the absence of any positive male role models in my life had left a huge negative impact on me. The gang became my source of belonging, and the gang elders took the place of our fathers.

    The gang way became my normality, from earning money through criminal activities, to heavy partying. The thought never occurred to me to change my way of life. Even after two years in prison at 16 years old, I just accepted my lifestyle and planned on being wiser and smarter in the future. I didn’t think that university or work was for people like me. The rap music we listened to for hours on end glorified drug dealing, murder and crime.


  4. //Yes, the gangs are proxies for absent fathers and weak families.//

    A child-youth is formed by many things; the home environment is only one of them and it affects only a certain stage in the child’s growth, and even then the result is subject to 100 other factors that a parent is hardly aware of and certainly can’t control.

    I know enough families with dad a strict disciplinarian and as 1950s as the atom bomb, yet juniors turned out to be a complete neurotic or a little devil. A glance at any history book will also tell you that many children brought up by friendly yet firm fathers also went off the rails big time.

    But even if you manage to mould your child to a fine adolescent, nature decrees that he will soon start wandering around his territory and meet children of the same age. That’s when he turns his back completely on the home as a source of values and inspiration. Father then has no chance against the values of the group, where things like animal strength, charisma, daring and a set of the latest Beats are what count.

    Definiely a strong nuclear family has its merits, and – all else being equal – it’s certainly better than being reared by a single parent. But it’s no guarantee of successful parenting and there are other constellations that are just as good and maybe even better.
    It’s also not nearly as time-tested as you think. Fosterage, large clan-like structures and merged units of various kinds were all common in the past and showed good results.

    What’s most important in relation to, say, the crime situation in a city is the overall “culture” of the place – over-tolerance, over-indulgence of youth, materialism, the availability of drugs etc.

    By the way, does anyone think that the presence of a compulsive liar and general mental and moral wreck in the White House will have a bad effect on American youth if it goes on much longer? I do.

  5. Noel.

    Surely being a compulsive pathological liar, is a prerequisite for the role of a politician?.

  6. West Indian Mother’s matter more…

    Diane Abbott’s History Of Gaffes

    During the 2010 Labour leadership race, Ms Abbott raised eyebrows by stating: “West Indian mums will go to the wall for their children.”

    She made the remark to explain her decision to send her son James to a fee-paying school after having previously criticised the private sector.

    BBC interviewer Andrew Neil responded: “So black mums love their kids more than white mums, do they?”


  7. You are of course perfectly correct Noel, there are X factors which influence a young person’s development, behaviour and personality. I personally believe that a stable and loving family is a positive influence on a child’s development but external family influences are much more numerous and much stronger and a stable and loving family isn’t a garauntee of a positive outcome.

    And we’re back in Loony Left Land. No, the key to stopping it is to roll back sixty years of radical social policies. The problem is the absence of fathers. It’s welfarism without shame

    Yeah, of course it is. That’s why Glasgow has had an infamous history of street gangs and their endemic ‘Glasgow Smile’ violence from the 1920s, why Teddy Boys battered people around London in the 1950s, why mods and rockers kicked seven shades of shite out of each other in the 1960s, why football violence was at epidemic proportions in Britan during the 70s and 80s etc.

  8. It’s not the only factor, but without the keystone of a good family unit with both a mother and father you’re starting out handicapped and more easily corrupted.

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