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I ploughed, and that I believe is the correct terminology, through the body of the Stimulus Package which passed the House, and was then submitted to the Senate. One or two random thoughts crossed my mind on some of it’s contents, and thought I’d share with you.

The first thing to come to mind is the immense benefit this package brings to the nation’s timber, pulp and paper manufacturers, as counting in the front and rear pages comes to a very impressive 684 pages. Not bad for some $790,000,000,000,00 or so of spending and tax rebates.

There are many fine and noble things included within the Package, and many will or should bring Americans relief from worry, fear and doubt, mainly from wondering where their next pay-check is coming from, such as the WATERSHED REHABILITATION PROGRAM, or the RURAL COMMUNITY ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM, which between them amounts to £6.4 billion dollars worth of funding; or the 22 Billion dollars aimed at the RURAL HOUSING INSURANCE FUND PROGRAM ACCOUNT, but I really do wonder at the $50 B Million earmarked for the NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS .

Similarly, while being generally neutral at the expenditure of just under a Billion dollars for COMPETITIVE GRANTS TO STATES AND INDIAN TRIBES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF LOAN PROGRAMS TO FACILITATE THE WIDE-SPREAD ADOPTION OF CERTIFIED EHR TECHNOLOGY, I wonder at the general usefulness, in terms of the alleged stimulus of the whole programme,  of the $335,000,000 directed as to carry out domestic HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, sexually-transmitted diseases, and tuberculosis prevention programs.

Accepting, as most do that the statistical average of HIV/Aids in amongst the general British public points overwhelmingly at the Homosexual and Drug-user columns, and taking into context the view that most of the illnesses have been contracted through purely selfish behaviour; and assuming that a similar statistic follows for the United States, does anyone think that the G.O.P. will let that one section pass through on the slide, or will it dissappear as the Democrats accept they have to give up on just some of their own pet pork programmes in order to bring the Republicans on board at any stage whatsoever?

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2 thoughts on “feel like some stimulation?

  1. Mike the proposal for the National Endowement for the Arts is 50 MILLION, not 50 billion. If you conservatives count like that, no wonder we are having such financial problems.

  2. Correct, the letter B was transposed from the letter M and thus was mismatched with the document as I, as a true conservative, am unused to watching as a Government plans on spending other people’s money in such a spendthrift fashion!

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