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The growth of feral youth in Britain, accompanied by the decline of the rule of law, is manifest in the news that an ex-policewoman, Julie Pickford was kicked unconscious by 30-strong drunken teenage gang for asking them not to throw popcorn on a tram.  Without warning, one girl stood up and punched her in the face and then a mob of up to 30 teenagers joined in, punching her and stamping on her. With blood streaming from her injuries and £50 stolen from her handbag, she was thrown off the tram at the next stop in Sale, Greater Manchester. There is a generation of young people growing up that show no respect for other people and who will do what they want to whoever they want, confident that they will most likely not be caught and even if they are caught, they will get the  most risible punishment.  

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11 thoughts on “FERAL YOUTH…

  1. Disgusting. Where were the other passengers on this tram?
    People will have to learn to stand together and protect victims like this woman.

  2. There is a growth of feral youth and one reason for this is that we have accepted a culture where we must always act so as not to offend or punish young people. They must be given another chance and another chance and another chance. They are responsible for their behaviour although we are responsible for tolerating it. We should recognise this.

  3. Anyone who has read the cultural & economic conditions that prevailed during the 23 year reign of Charles the 1st (first half 17th century) will notice a grim comparison with those of today.
    The Crown and Parliament were both running disasterously out of money and huge taxes were levied on the common people, who had no representation what ever. Law and order was breaking down across the country, as village after village rioted, and curfews imposed on the main cities.
    That eventual civil war did not suddenly start in 1642. There was general lawlessness and insurrection for many years before……

    It is also satisfying to note that of the four English rulers who allied themselves with Europe by marrying French princesses, three of them suffered violent deaths.

    The omens look good.

  4. >>The omens look good.<<

    Oh yes, roll on Civil War, with plunder, pillage and rapine, what?

  5. Oh my Christ thanks for that Bernard! I assume you are being tongue in cheek.

    We live a media age Bernard, chances of anyone getting off their arses to protest at el gobierno much less go for all out civil unrest is zero.

    Even May Day is boring latterly.

  6. Noel,

    Not a civil war, more a revolution – French style, – with a bureacrat or a politician decorating any structure capable of supporting a noose!..only joking – of course!

  7. …you may be joking Ernest, but I was deadly serious.

    Does anyone imagine our society is somehow going to get, miraculously, better?
    Are we striding toward a golden age of Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité?

    The civil war righted many, many wrongs.

  8. Bernard,

    But it still left us with a heritage of elitism, which has since degenerated into a drone culture, populated by folk of a ‘holier than thou’ disposition.

    By subtle manipulation and social engineering, the new elitism is based based more on political belief than on inheritance, – although recent incidents seem to combine the two quite nicely…

  9. Quite so, Ernest.

    The new middleclass elite have simply taken on the ‘Divine right of Kings’.

    And look what happened then.

  10. By and large we are too materially comfortable to foment a revolution.

    But as to this specific case, what is needed is what we know will not happen. A judge to slap a hefty jail sentence (5 years say) on this girl with varying jail sentences for everyone else in this thuggish gang who took part. That might come as a shock to them but the reason why they behave as they do is becasue they know that even if tried and convicted it is highly unlikely that any sort of custodial sentence will be imposed.

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