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5 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Attention seeker. After all crazies need their magnet – he’s willing to be it.

    Not sure Washington would have bothered crossing the Delaware if he knew what a state the US has found itself in.

  2. smcgiff

    Exactly what I thought. This guy is hoping people will remember him and his ‘courageous’ stand come next election.

    Had someone told Washington that this would be the result of his efforts, I think he would have capsized the boat.

  3. No he’s doing his Constitutional Duty Smcgiff. The founders wrote that only Legislatures can change voting Law even if you disagree with any fraud 5 states violated the Constitution. Every Senator of Both Parties should be objecting… the fact that they aren’t is causing them to spin in their grave…..

  4. Patrick, what law change? Hasn’t postal voting been part of US elections since… a good while.

    It did increase significantly, but that might have had something to do with a contagious disease ravaging your country… but, maybe that’s crazy talk.

  5. That Senator just proves that Trump still has the ability even at this late stage to have sad devotees willing to crawl up his arse.

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