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A new program will place undercover TSA officers on METRO buses to curb crime, even terrorism, U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said Friday.

What 4th Amendment? What happens when someone resists? You can’t ask someone for ID to vote but you can just randomly search people?

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11 thoughts on “F’ing Nazi’s

  1. We all know for a fact that the last thing they ever want to do is come across an actual terrorist. l’m sure the idiots will think that a terrorist would calmly give up his bomb etc when confronted by a TSA drone. lt’s not about terrorism, it’s about control.

    Achtung, papers!

  2. That’s what it’s all about – showing who’s boss, normalising being watched and surveilled, spreading the police state even further.

  3. People are learning from cities like NYC that have gone a long way to solving their crime problem in most neighborhoods. The NYPD has a ” stop and frisk ” program that has been unbelievably effective in finding illegal guns in high crime areas.

    The professional whingers would rather not solve the problem. They’d like to sing ” Woe Is Me ” followed by ” Things were so Much Better Centuries Ago ” before they try to do something proactively about the problem.

    Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way.

  4. Phantom –

    Reading your drone-like comments is a clear demonstration of how tyrannical regimes have managed to rise without resistence.

    Yep, I’m thinking of millions of Germans who swallowed State propaganda, cheered while their country and liberties were usurped and even then never guessed that they weren’t free.

    It’s because of credulous people like you that it can happen.

  5. How would you solve the crime problem in major cities?

    I have no interest in managing it. I have a Bratton like interest in solving it, one time.

    All you ever do is complain.

    Proactive, practical solutions now, please.

  6. Freedom or lack of it is not only citizen vs state; it’s also citizen vs citizen. There is seemingly always a minority wanting to impose their will, through brute force, on others. A society where you aren’t free to ride the subway or walk the streets without fear of being robbed or attacked is not free, and any political freedom you may have there is worthless.

    This is the core of the whole debate – whether you are prepared or not to allow certain restictions on freedom in order to obtain protection and live in peace. Nobody is claiming some price doesnt have to be paid. The willingness to pay that price and pay it gladly is, however, the reason why cities and civilisation, laws and law enforcement, emerged and are now almost universal. The places where people did not want to or could not pay that price more or less went to the wall.

    And no childish equating robbers and the state. In places like Columbia or Somalia you are stuck with the gang that controls your area; they make the rules in their own interests and if you cross them they’ll kill you. Here the laws are made by people you appoint to make them, if you cross them you get a fine, and you can get rid of them every few years.

  7. What, have I been typing in Swahili all this time? Nothing you’re ever told stays in your head, including the many thousands of words I’ve posted in here about how to ‘combat crime’.

    You’d save alot of money if the government didn’t foment it in the first place.

    You may have noticed that “fighting terror” that magic incantation which excuses every police-state measure know, is also cited. Don’t even ask me to comment on that obvious drivel.

  8. You can’t comment because you’ve never thought this through, much less wrote on it.

    Forget terrorism.

    How do you solve the problem of burglaries / attacks on the street to steal people’s possessions? Can’t get simpler than that. How would you go about reducing such crime say by 90% in a high crime area?

    Real solutions, please.

  9. I am not opposed to law enforcement riding on trains, planes or buses. usually they do so in a random way (not every bus) to protect the public. They’ve been doing it in NYC with great success. I am not sure there is a need for Federal TSA agents to go undercover on Houston’s buses. That sounds like something Houston’s PD could do themselves.

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