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I read that delay in getting rid of failed ­asylum seekers are costing the hard-pressed British taxpayers ­£32 million pounds a year.

Figures show £32.1million has been spent over the past three and a half years supporting more than 20,000 migrants after they have been refused permission to stay in Britain. Worsening log-jams at the Home Office and ballooning numbers of human rights appeals mean each one waits an average of 10 months to return home. The massive bill to stop them falling destitute before they leave does not include the cost of housing them.

Here’s the deal. The day AFTER their appeal has failed in the court, send them on the next flight home.

If Human Rights lawyers are so concerned, they can fly out with their clients and see if they can obtain legal aid in the country from whence the asylum seekers hail.

Why should the UK taxpayer underwrite all this gross inefficiency and overt manipulation of the system by an unholy combination of faux asylum seekers and parasitic lawyers?

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2 thoughts on “FIRST FLIGHT HOME…

  1. That’s not really such a huge amount of money, but it’s the principle.

    You shouldn’t be spending a penny for this.

    And your courts / government / people’s time should not be tied up in knots in the process.

    Deduct all monies spent on all third world immigration matters from foreign aid to the region concerned. This will concentrate minds.

  2. It’s worse than that. If they acquire a girlfriend knock out a taxpayer funded anchor baby or several then they can apply to remain on grounds that they now have a human right to a family life here in the UK. They delay really works to their advantage.

    One of our friends told me yesterday of meeting a friend they knew from their holiday home in Cyprus (neighbour) in Clacton the other day. She’s Bulgarian. In the space of a year she has come to the country and now has a four bed home provided for her and offspring. Rent paid. She borrowed for the first months rent then pleaded poverty and Uncle Sucker the taxpayer is now paying 670 quid a month rent to a private landlord who coincidentally is also Bulgarian and for all I know may have been the person who lent her the dough. It’s a scam and we’re the victims.
    she has three jobs..only one of which is legit so on paper she only works 16 hours a week. Luckily this is exactly the right number of hours your allowed to work and still be ‘unemployed’. Odd that. Says she doesn’t consider herself to be scrounging. Makes you spit doesn’t it. We suckers on PAYE are right muppets aren’t we.

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