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At my span of years, I thought I would have been able to state that I had seen and witnessed most things; that there wasn’t much that could surprise me: and then blow me down if the time comes when I have to admit a certain admiration for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds!

I mean, 166 wind turbines defeated by a bloody bird; Red-Throated Divers, no less. Sometimes, just sometimes, the mills just grind slowly, but very, very finely!

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2 thoughts on “First time for everything!

  1. The RSPB hasn’t yet received its bribe emolument:


    A feature of these supposedly environment-friendly machines that I haven’t mentioned, however, is their devastating effect on wildlife, notably on large birds of prey, such as eagles and red kites. Particularly disturbing is the extent to which the disaster has been downplayed by professional bodies, such as the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in Britain and the Audubon Society in the US, which should be at the forefront of exposing this outrage, but which have often been drawn into a conflict of interest by the large sums of money they derive from the wind industry itself.

  2. We have a lovely wind turbine not so far from us. In fact we can see it from our back garden. I went to have a closer look last week when the gales were seriously a huffin’ and a puffin’. I was curious as to whether the whole structure, -the tower- would be vibrating.
    I have to confess the noise was quite disturbing as the blades cut through the air.
    Wumph! Wumph! Wumph!!

    I suppose that’s why they’re sited in high-ish, remote or rural areas. The point is the energy is free and environmentally friendly compared to oil, gas or nuclear power. I can understand that birds and gentlemen/nimbys with ears like car doors might find the noise off putting, but compared to this* I would have thought it was pretty small potaters..


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