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It is not often that I find myself in complete agreement with a murderous clown such as Julius Malema, ex-leader of the ANC’s Youth wing, but when he states that the charges of murder against the Marikana miners for the deaths of 34 of their own is madness; I cannot but agree with his comments upon this strange and stupid decision.

The policemen who stood and rained automatic fire onto a mob armed only with machetes will all go free and unpunished, the Marikana miners, all 270 of them, will now stand trial accused of the ‘Common Purpose’ death of the men who ran alongside them whilst facing into the guns!

I lived in South Africa for seventeen years, and left some years before the end of Apartheid. I watched as that country was handed over to the bunch of thieves, cut-throats and bandits known as the African National Council, masquerading as a Democratic Government; and this decision is just the latest proof that the madmen have taken over the asylum!

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5 thoughts on “First time for everything!

  1. Of course this law dates from the Apartheid era and it’s obvious that the murdering policemen are already home free. It is inconceivable that this decision could have been made without political support from the very top.

    How Putin must envy and admire President Zuma. I expect that he will soon get his tame Duma to pass a similar law in Russia to enable his police to shoot down demonstrators and allow his “independent” prosecutors to charge the survivors with mass murder.

  2. ‘armed only with machetes’
    Um…yes i’m sure that if the Police had politely asked them to hand them over they would have complied?
    You go armed to a situation, attack the Police, you pay the consequences.

  3. You go armed to a situation, attack the Police, you pay the consequences. Simple.

    Yeah sure, the police kill 34 people, and the survivors are charged with murder. Jonathan Swift would have loved this one.

  4. Bizarre and makes a mockery of justice. I’m not remotely surprised that the law is a relic of the Apartheid regime; sadly, nor am I overly surprised that the ANC regime is now seeking to rely on it.

    The logical conclusion of this is that the murder victims actually murdered themselves. It reminds me of the Simpsons “stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself.”

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