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It’s obvious. When your credit card is maxed, and your overdraft is at the limit, what you need to do is….SPEND MORE!!

“SNP deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon will use her SNP conference address to challenge the UK chancellor to dump his spending “cuts” policy. She will urge George Osborne to pump more cash into projects like roads, schools, and hospitals. Ms Sturgeon will argue that the Tory minister must increase capital spending to “build our way out of recession”.”

“Building” is a leftist euphemism, it means spending.  Where does the money for all this “building” comes from? Magic money trees, perhaps? The SNP are playing to the notion that you can spend your way out of recession. This is populist with the delusionist tendency but lethal.

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2 thoughts on “FISHY ECONOMICS

  1. The materials for this ‘building’ will be imported and the workers will include very few natives. The result will be even more debt and little benefit for the domestic economy at the cost of huge debts to weigh down the dwindling productive sector.

  2. “She will urge George Osborne to pump more cash into projects ..”

    And we can safely dismiss Sturgeon as a know-nothing loudmouth.

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