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newtorylogo203.jpgI think that Simon Heffer is pretty much on the money in this article in today’s Daily Telegraph. He dissects the Cameron Conservative Party very neatly and concludes…

".. the Tories give, instead, the impression that they agree with much of what Labour is doing, or at least cannot be fagged to complain about it, they are doomed to defeat, and with it sheer pointlessness.  Mr Brown’s strategy is clear. He is not trying to get Daily Telegraph readers to vote for him: he knows better than that. He is simply trying to appear sufficiently user-friendly, competent and honest to prevent them from mobilising against him. Apart from the difference on the European referendum (which the Tories none the less appear to be playing down), it is hard to see any clear reason why someone would vote Tory in order to get a better Britain than the one on offer from Labour.


That could well be enough to make many natural Tories, revolted by what Mr Ancram reliably tells them is the true nature of their party, to maintain a little longer their decade-long habit of abstention.That, in turn, will be more than enough to prolong the Brown terror for five, or possibly even 10, more years. If it does, Mr Cameron’s successor will know exactly whom to blame."


Heffer is right. Cameron’s Conservatives do not present an aggressive challenge to Labour. Instead they offer us much more of the same, which begs the question why should anyone vote for them?

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4 thoughts on “FIVE MORE YEARS?

  1. I hate to admit that Heffer is probably right. The Tories, under Cameron, do not appear to have any "fire" in their bellies but yet there is much to be fired up about.

  2. We havent had an Opposition for years. I think Brown was more succinct yesterday, lol:

    Gordon Brown has spoken of his admiration for Margaret Thatcher and said he is a "conviction politician" like the former Tory prime minister.

    "I think Lady Thatcher saw the need for change," he told a Downing Street press conference. "Whatever disagreements you have with her about certain policies – there was a large amount of unemployment at the time which perhaps could have been dealt with – we have got to understand that she saw the need for change." He added: "I also admire the fact that she is a conviction politician… I am a conviction politician like her."

    The Prime Minister’s remarks will raise the eyebrows of some Labour MPs. In 1989, he wrote a book entitled Where There Is Greed: Margaret Thatcher and The Betrayal of Britain’s Future.

    Mr Brown sought to exploit Tory infighting over Lady Thatcher’s legacy, accusing David Cameron of showing a "failure of leadership".

    He said: "The [Conservative] leader is a prisoner of the factions rather than the factions being led with conviction."

  3. The Tories,especially with headless chicken Cameron i/c, are a beaten docket. You’re right, I don’t see why anyone should vote for them at present.

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