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As readers know, the DUP and UUP have saved the Union, beaten the republican agenda and proved old cynics like me totally wrong. Now read on…

A fresh flag row has erupted after it emerged Northern Ireland will be the only UK region not to incorporate the Union Flag on new driving licences. Announcing the changes for drivers in England, Scotland and Wales, transport secretary Claire Perry said: “British motorists will soon be able to fly the flag with pride.”

Ms Perry said: “People in this country rightly take pride in our national flag which is why I am delighted it will now be displayed on British driving licences. Celebrating Britain strengthens our sense of national identity and our unity. I will feel proud to carry my new licence and I hope others will too.” However, a spokesman for the Driver and Vehicle Agency NI (DVA) said the local licences would continue to display the European flag only.

So, Drivers in Northern Ireland alone will be excluded from having pride in their NATIONAL FLAG. Another superb victory for SUP/UUP.

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6 thoughts on “FLAG PROTESTS!!!

  1. I have a NY State Drivers license. No flag on it.

    I had a Military ID Card. There was no flag on that, either.

    I’m not sure why there would need to be a flag on a Driver’s License, unless it was clearly to indicate that it was really a national ID Card, a concept you guys supposedly oppose.

    In any event, the card that people in the mainland use has a confident EU flag snug in the upper left corner, showing who’s the real boss.

  2. Surely not the same people who caused havoc when Belfast City Hall adopted the same flag flying etiquette as the rest of the UK?

  3. It’s still an EU document, and Clair Perry said nothing. The quote attributed to her could only have come from the pen of some overpaid press functionary. No self respecting person would speak like that.

    Oh hang on, she’s a politician …

  4. Yes, talk the pride of having your flag, and totally ignoring that another flag, belonging to another proto-nation is sitting in the top left corner.

    Only the Westminster Muppets can be so stupid. No wonder the Scots want out.

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