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Sub-titled:- They are getting away with MURDER

Item.            An unarmed Brazilian Electrician is shot dead because he was assumed to be a) armed and b) a member of a failed terrorist cell.

The armed police who in fact shot him were harshly criticised on the grounds of ‘Health & Safety’. I bet the coppers really felt admonished!

Item            A known gangster, Mark Duggan, is confronted by armed police and is shot dead; a gun was found in the car, but was wrapped in a sock.

Fifty-five senior policemen stood in a circle, all pointing to the left while shouting, “It was him who ordered the killing!”

Item, Latest.   Anthony Grainger, a known criminal, was seated in a car with his friends. They were all unarmed. An unmarked police car stops, a single shot is fired and Grainger is dead.

NO policeman has been interviewed by the Independent Police Complaints Commission, and no-one has made any comment upon the rules which state:- An authorised and trained officer  may open fire only when the threat to innocent life is ‘imminent and extreme’.

Question,    Who is supposed to be supervising, either locally or nationally, the routine arming of police, and when such weaponry may be discharged. It is all very well for Inspector Gadget to support armed police, but with the carrying of deadly weaponry comes a great responsibility!


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7 thoughts on “For Britain, the wrong sort of headline

  1. Unforseen collateral damage is the unfortunate result of justified police action and is quite rare, Mike.

    Intentional deadly damage done by home-grown killers and Islamic terrorists to British citizens far outweighs police action.

    You, I and millions of others live in the 21st century and, although we may not like it, violence, mayhem and the death of innocents are a fact of life.

    Suck it up and get on with your life.

  2. An unarmed (visibly unarmed, unwired etc.) Brazilian contract electrician was shot very dead (several bullets to the head at point blank range) because he had been working a few weeks earlier on certain subway trains which then exploded at the same time (11 minutes to 9, on 7/7/2005) due to an electrical surge when the ‘bombers’ were still on their train from Luton.

  3. The old bill and CPS couldn’t move quick enough when the twit Liam Stacey posted his comments about Fabrice Muamba, and now he’s on a 56-day stretch.

    Funny how when a copper is recorded saying things at least as bad, to someone’s face, no action was taken by the old bill and CPS then.

    One is tempted to think different rules are being applied.

  4. Not too sure you have your facts right there, about Mark Duggan. The gun, if I am not mistaken, was taken out of its box. The sock is used to hide fingerprints etc, not to store or conceal the weapon – the sock is necessary to firing the weapon. That isn’t to say he was about to fire the weapon – but it was not in the box that was used to conceal and store it, it had be taken out. Saying “it was wrapped in a sock” implies it was in a state of disuse, which is untrue. The sock was a necessary condition for the item’s use. As far as I know, anyway.

  5. Very soon, everything we communicate will be accessed by the ‘security’ services – because it’s for our security 🙂

    According to The Times as echoed in The Daily Mail:


    – Internet companies will be instructed to install hardware enabling GCHQ – the Government’s electronic ‘listening’ agency – to examine ‘on demand’ any phone call made, text message and email sent, and website accessed in ‘real time’. –

  6. which is why, if these totally ‘illiberal’ liberal laws are passed, every one of my e-mails will be run with the following key words:-

    nuclear, semtex, bomb, attack, jihad, muslim, allah-uh-akhbar, explosive, P.E.T. transformation; along with anything else which is a trigger for an intercept. If everyone includes those words, and others like them, with every message sent, the hard drives will overload, GCHQ will call Dave, and the laws will have been found to be unworkable!

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