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Following on from Mr Smith’s excellent eyewitness report of the suppression of the Brussels anti-Islamification demo, here is a video showing the police getting heavy-handed with some demonstrators. Among those at the receiving end of this state-sponsored thuggery are the vice-president of the Flemish parliament, and two of the leaders of the Belgian Vlaams Belang party. Australia’s ABC News reports that there were a total of 154 arrests.


Hat-tips: Laban Tall and the Brussels Journal.

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19 thoughts on “Free Speech? That’s only for Muslims, isn’t it?

  1. As I said on the other thread free speech is a right and so is to demonstrate. But you blame muslims when you should blame the authorities and their hired hands.

  2. i see you can only muster around the same numbers as youre fringe nutjob bretheren in the muslim western world. puts the anti-war protests of yesteryear in perspective.

    no need for the police action though. out of order as usual.

  3. I didn’t see him condemning the moslems for this. Interesting that that is what you saw, RC.

    And FR – Thank you for this video! I’ll have to figure out how to get it into an entry. The homeschoolers of America are appalled at the European laws outlawing homeschooling and now they will be appalled at the laws outlawing freedom of speech.

  4. Monica,

    why change my words? I said blame, not condemn, and I refer to the headline, which doesn’t clearly stand for free speech, only complains that it is being denied selectively.

    Such a complaint can be resolved in two ways; by allowing it for all or denying it to all. Only the first is acceptable, as free speech is a right not a priviledge.

  5. "But you blame muslims when you should blame the authorities and their hired hands.
    Wednesday, September 12, 2007 at 01:19AM | Unregistered Commenter RC"

    Are those your words, or are those not your words? Where is anyone blaming moslems?

  6. Vlaams Belang is a far-right party full of nutjobs.

    Still, they should be allowed to demonstrate peacefully.

  7. Why did the Vlaams Belang website distance themselves before the rally from neo nazi elements who might join in and who were rounded up forcefully by the police? The suggestion on Gates of Vienna is that there were two factions to the rally – pictures show the regular demonstrators not in any nasty action with the police. Did Vlaams Belang shit stir perchance?

  8. Was any of the suppression of this demo shown on Belgian TV? I would think that the arrest of some prominent politicians would be newsworthy.

  9. "Vlaams Belang is a far-right party full of nutjobs"

    But still probably the least worst choice in Belgian politics.

  10. Islamic websites across Europe will be viewing this video (and others like it) with glee and much satisfaction.
    They have the police and government well on their side now, and must be incredulous that the Islamification process is proving to be so easy.

    Never in their wildest dreams could Muslims believe that all this progress was brought about by a few bombs, and a few threats to make life unpleasant for the indigenous whites.

    They must be laughing all the way to the mosque……

  11. RC:

    I’m not quite sure how you can infer that the headline "doesn’t clearly stand for free speech". After all, it’s got the very phrase "free speech" in it, and the whole post is about the suppression of free speech.

    As for the Muslims: yes, I do blame them in part. With their threatening and aggressive behaviour, they have created an atmosphere in which politicians are frightened to allow anyone to do anything which might upset the camel-botherers. Remember the Danish cartoons "crisis"? There’s a distinct possibility that if the march had been allowed to go ahead, then you would have had Belgian embassies and Belgian individuals in Muslim countries getting attacked.

    Of course, this is not to deny that the craven politicians, notably, in this case, the obese buffoon Thielemans, are also blameworthy, for obvious reasons.


    "Vlaams Belang is a far-right party full of nutjobs."

    On what did you base this insightful observation? The fact that they don’t like immigration? Or the fact that they criticise Islam, perhaps?

    In any event, this was not a Vlaams Belang protest, it was a SIOE protest, with some VB members present.


    I believe that the event was covered on Belgian TV, with the general tone being "will this police brutality make people sympathise with the evil Nazis being brutalised? Because that would be really bad". It was also on TV in Italy and Denmark, I think because MEPs from those countries were among those arrested.


    "They must be laughing all the way to the mosque……"

    If I were a Muslim, I’d be laughing all the time, because someone, somewhere, seems to be bending over backwards to accommodate them all the time. Having said that, they are all so fixated on any petty insult, that they’ve probably forgotten about this incident, and have moved on to their next whinge about "Islamophobia".

  12. FR,

    "I’m not quite sure how you can infer …"

    read what I say, it’s clearly stated.


    see, I told you he blames the muslims, he says "As for the Muslims: yes, I do blame them in part".

  13. Don’t worry, Bernard, the European peoples will not allow their countries to be destroyed by the menace of Islam – and will demonstrate their opposition with, or without, the approval of the Establishment.

    Fully expect to see niqab-sporting scumbags being given the same treatment next time they march in support of terrorism in London.

  14. Why not blame the muslims in part? They didn’t want this march and complained loud and long to the city to have it shut down. The muslim’s 9/11 march was approved remember. The city officials themselves are ultimately to blame for appeasing the muslims in their midst. They have demonstrated their true lack of committment to Liberal Democracy and the basic human right of free speech and peaceful dissent by the citizens. These officials have been dhimmified by their warped PC leftism. Plus, I think they’re deathly afraid of their muslim populations.

  15. Honestly Daphne i wouldnt worry and i mean that most sincerely. I think there were some pretty nasty elements involved here. Europes busy lurching to the right. It aint good to encourage it

  16. Alison – All of the press around this denied march just smacks of something I don’t understand. Over here we have to put up with (or turn a blind eye) to the Klan parading, Mexicans marching for rights and reunification, Leftists calling for the death of Bushitler and burning effigies, Gay parades with naked people walking down the streets, Pro life groups with their children holding up pictures of aborted babies. We allow it all, as long as it’s not violent. You don’t have to like it or respect the message, but we allow it, and we agree to respect that fundamental right of speech.

    There may have been a violent group that planned to disrupt or join the march, but I believe the majority of the people showing up to express themselves meant to do so peacefully. I think the city should have given them a permit and allowed their thoughts to be seen and heard.

  17. Andrew:

    "Fully expect to see niqab-sporting scumbags being given the same treatment next time they march in support of terrorism in London."

    I wish I could say the same. It seems that every time the pro-Sharia, pro-terrorism crowd have their protests, the police turn out in force, in order to protect the terrorist supporters. I recall that when we had the Danish cartoons protests, the Newsnight cameras caught a wonderful image of a load of Muslims carrying their banners demanding bombings, beheadings, etc, marching along unchallenged in the background, while in the foreground a van driver was being threatened with arrest by some police thug for shouting at the marchers. According to the officer, the van driver had "interfered with the protesters’ right to free speech".

    No, I think that if anyone does want to administer this kind of treatment to the supporters of terrorism, or even to express their distaste for those who incite murder in our streets, then they’ll have to fight their way through a solid mass of police first.

  18. They are afraid FR.

    For their jobs, for their reputations if they appear to be judgemental against a minority, for retaliatory terrorist attacks in their cities. They are more afraid of islamists and the PC cultural marxists than they are of appearing fascist and undemocratic.

  19. I remember that the pictures of muslim demonstrators in London holding up placards demanding the destruction of Europe had the police facing out and away from the demonstrators i.e. protecting the demonstrators. At the same time, a white van driver (white guy, white van) who stopped to complain was threatened with arrest (this was videoed). The police were and are part of the problem, and it’s evidently the same in Belgium.

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