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When I wrote that short piece about ‘Freedom’, in which I quoted my own small post about the probabilities of the family of the dead ‘gentle giant’ Michael Brown generating a sanitised and fabricated ‘history’, I thought that we had probably heard all the news  about the news; of the ‘family’s’ tales of a religious conversion, of visions in the sky, about all the self-serving sob stories destined to cover up the fact that this huge black man was a criminal, a bully and a braggart: and the fact that the police officer’s bullets were in fact fired as he had claimed, in pure self-defence.

But now, with the American Press being so free, under cover of their admirable Constitution, and demanding that the juvenile records of a probable 2nd degree murder charge be unsealed after his death, there may be a whole new chapter unfolding, with a few more nuggets of truth being unveiled into the harsh light of day.

Seems as though the ‘lovable rogue’, the ‘gentle giant’, the ‘candidate for at least beatification if not sainthood’, has turned out in the end to be just another in the never-ending statistic of black criminals as an ever-higher proportion of total crime in the black-dominated inner-suburbs and ghettoes of many American cities.

And are we all surprised?


Not really!


H/T to Duff and Nonsense, whose comment upon my own post gave the link.

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3 thoughts on “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose,

  1. So how does a persons skin colour make them a criminal ?

    I do not pose this question to antagonize, but to seek further clarification.

    I do not accept that these people are some how victims and others are to blame. There are too many examples of people, even black and mixed race people, making it to the top of their respective professions. Hell, they even have a mixed race bloke running the bloody show.

  2. as far as I know Mark criminality has nothing to do with skin color

    It is a set of learned moralities, nothing you are born with. Though it could something you are born into.

  3. I’d like to know why Mike Cunninghman is so fixated with this story. His last 3 posts have all been about this specific incident.

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