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Here are two everyone should enjoy.

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37 thoughts on “Friday Nite Music

  1. Well Mr Cooke, a change certainly has come. In ‘the land of the free’, blood is now being taken by force from DUI suspects – NB SUSPECTS.

  2. Considering the sum total consensus for your continuing ATW presence consists of David, Agitated & Colm the answer is no.

    Allan doesn’t have to give you a break.

  3. well Daphne I’m not going anywhere.

    My question to you is, since I raise so much bile in your throat and nobody wants me to continue why do people like you step up unprovoked to attack me?

    Just as Sarah other day. You come on, have nothing to say, or add no reason for commenting except to hurl a derogatory remark.

    Such a purely pathetical little wretch you are.

    It’s even now at the point that you people have forgotten how to argue or insult. Come on get creative, you can do better.

  4. Just so you know, Troll, I might not agree with you about Snowden but I don’t agree with Daphne about you. There is no consensus.

  5. Hey, you old ratbag!
    I knew I could rely on you to pick some good music. The first one I recognised from the first few bars (when you get old you really do forget stuff!)
    the second one I have never heard before. Always liked Sam Cooke. I liked this one so much I played it twice..

    I KNOW that somewhere in that old mean grumpy macho, “always right” Troll character is a warm, caring person.
    You just find it very difficult to communicate it!

  6. Troll, your over-the-top personal insult hurling: “if you don’t agree with me than you’re a moron”

    is no worse than Daphne’s cutting personal snark: “no one likes you because I say so.”

    and now, on topic, a serious question just because I’m curious: is there any music after, say, the mid-70’s that you like? It seems with your choices here that you stopped new listening after the Bee Gee disco era. True? if true, why?

    and lastly, do you like any classical?

    no right answers, btw. I like music and I just like talking about it.

  7. Much as Daphne is correct that I want Troll to stick around – I know and indeed trust that many others here do too. I can’t imagine ever wanting anyone to leave ATW , good, bad or indifferent; surely it is the very wide range of opinions personalities and writing styles that make ATW interesting.

  8. Patty,
    May I say that at 67 I have figured out music (pop music) is a generational thing.
    I have worked with the elderly and I can tell you that the music they like is the music that helped shaped their formative and reproductive years.
    (Not that I think our Troll is old)
    I stopped enjoying pop music when the words became meaningless, when video imaging became more important than the lyrics, and when the values associated with the music became amoral and “progressive”.
    Classical music does not do that. Most belongs to a time of rational thought in an ordered universe, and many of the most popular classical composers were God “aware” or Christian.

    Now melody is a different matter.
    I have a cd with artists like Shanks and Bigfoot, The Chemical Brothers,Will Smith, Jungle Brothers, Stardust etc etc.
    I don’t know what the music genre is..I only know I like the beat and the sound!

  9. Agit8ed

    When you are alone do you stick that CD on and dance around like a teenager again, and then when the missus comes home try and find a different excuse to tell her why your whole body is aching 😉

  10. There are many young here that are into sixties music here, the Doors, the Beatles, etc

    Agits point is largely true but there are countercurrents

  11. Daphne,

    “Considering the sum total consensus for your continuing ATW presence consists of David, Agitated & Colm the answer is no.”

    It’s Agit8ed. 😉
    I agree with Colm’s 3:48. I am hooked on ATW because I think I am getting to know people who comment here.
    (I don’t say I actually like them all, even as I know quite a few don’t much like me, but trying to understand the person behind the words is important. It’s certainly difficult, but it remains important.
    I ask myself
    WHY is this person blogging?
    WHY do I find it hard to understand what they are really saying?
    It might well be something in ME reacting to something in THEM.
    When someone reveals even a little bit of their real selves on ATW, do I treat it with respect or do I rush on to what I want to say next?
    I don’t think anyone blogs because they want to be disliked!
    I do think they are trying to communicate something that is important to them, or to use humour to say,
    “Hey folks! I am a real person. This is what makes me laugh, this is what touches me deeply.”
    And I think, I do try, to respect that.

  12. My main issue with much of the music of today is that it doesn’t appear to penetrate the nations earbuds the way it used to. I could look at a current top 10 chart and not be familiar with any of the songs or artists and that’s not because I am older but because I genuinely think music is much more fragmented and individualised nowadays with the internet and everything. 20+ years ago and earlier there was much more of a national feel and identification with the popular music of the time. \everyone knew the big acts and songs of the day and the charts in particular I think were much more widely know and familiar to everyone.

  13. Colm,
    you’re way too young to be thinking like that.
    If the music’s not coming through clearly maybe try removing that soda bread..?

  14. ” Agit8ed

    When you are alone do you stick that CD on and dance around like a teenager again, and then when the missus comes home try and find a different excuse to tell her why your whole body is aching 😉 ”

    My darling wife is used to me playing that stuff on the stereo in the car, or Blondie (who I think was one incredibly sexy woman in her time).
    Mostly I play Classic FM or Radio 5Live, but I think it’s the beat of that stuff I like most, and yes I do jig around, even in the car. The finger pointing pose, the SNEER and the sexy shrugging of the shoulders. I have to admit to being an incredibly NOISY person.
    But then, (aw shucks folks I’m blushing!)
    I like holding or stroking her hand too…

  15. Here and probably there there are few to no ” top 40 ” general interest music stations anymore. No crossover at all. Everything is in its own silo, after filter and focus groups filter out anything creative.

    Your only shot at hearing something genuine here is to listen to one of the many good college stations.

  16. finger pointing pose, jigging around in the car, holding and stroking your wife’s hand. I suppose for the actual driving you must be using your feet on the steering wheels ? 🙂

  17. Agit8ed

    Your last comment has just reminded me I must continue kneading the dough for my Soda bread .. 😉

  18. there is some music after the 70s but it’s choice selections or artists, very little of the music I listen to is done by those still living.

  19. as for the rest of the trend of this thread… I try to always be honest about who I am. I don’t believe there is a secret I haven’t shared on these pages.

    As for the insults, I tried toning it down. I have found though that there are so many who would rather fight than talk. You honestly get what you give.

    I’m to set in my ways to give, and to be honest I really don’t want to. Conversation is like wine. We would all prefer a sweet nectar, but when someone serves vinegar I won’t swallow it.

    Sorry, but that’s the way it is and I’m not changing. Serve the nectar of good conversation. Even if it’s a vintage that I would not choose If it has a full body I’ll drink in the conversation.

  20. So we meet that old problem yet again – the one where ‘the unstoppable meets the immovable’. Isn’t that the source of more of the world’s problems than any other?

    Take the instance of ‘you and I’, – you say you are too set in your ways to change, – as pitiful an excuse as any I have heard! What age are you? fifty, going on fifteen? and you ‘are set in your ways? – if I, an octogenarian, can change, then so can you, – what you are confessing to is that you feel or deem yourself beyond being able to learn or adapt, surely the cause of the demise of so many species.

    There is only one thing you really need to learn – how to make friends, without feeling that you are demeaning yourself in doing so.

    You know, even the wildest of animals can be tamed without losing their dignity.

  21. no Earnest I learn new things everyday, and if I wanted I could change. The thing is I don’t see the reason too.

    I have no problem making friends, what I have a problem with is what you accuse me of, people being rude.

    When someone comes at me from left field acting like a git I have no tolerance for that, and regretfully I won’t turn the other cheek.

    Yes lets look at you and I.

    I stomped on you once and I was wrong and out of line. I apologized for it. Since then this comment now of yours is the nicest tone you have used with me. I don’t blame you, I angered you and probably hurt your feelings.

    You really haven’t been civil since. That’s OK, I don’t engage you unless you speak first. If you engage me from the position of hostility you get hostility in return. If you engage me with conversation you get conversation.

    There is really only one person on here that I go out of my way to give a hard time, and that’s Mahons. I have explained my reasons why, he disappoints because I respect his training to litigate, and I am appalled that he refuses to use it. That beef is between him and I.

    I also find it very amusing that so many of you are so thin skinned. You should all take a lesson from Allan on how to take a punch and give it back with your position in the argument.

    I’m curios, has David asked you to post yet? It would be interesting to see you flesh out your views regarding the headlines of the day. I think it would be a nice addition to the pool.

  22. We have talked around this for a while. It is noticeable that when Mr Vance returns he injects a fresh burst of energy and controversy into ATW.
    We all should give thanks to Pete, Mahons, Mike Cunningham, Phantom and recently Seimi for their contributions. They help keep ATW ticking over.
    The other night as I lay awake in bed (as old people tend to do) I was reflecting on this problem.
    I throw this out for discussion to you all.. 😉
    (THROWS vigorously yet somehow.. gracefully)

    Would it be worth introducing subjects like for instance,
    Astronomy and the nature of the universe, including space exploration? (I promise to try and keep faith out of it ;))
    Favourite characters, real or fictional and why you like/dislike them.
    We might persuade Mahons to contribute some of his whimsical stuff again. (ps am I the only one who thinks he should develop it?)
    Places you have been or would like to ‘been’ and why.
    Heritage: your family your ancestors your aspirations or lack thereof.
    Getting older (Ernest your chance to shine..) Any gems of wisdom or reflections therof.
    Politics: Defining yourself politically. Why you became interested, why you tend leftwards or rightwards.
    And so on.
    We could mix it in with our current affairs, but the thing would be to stay on topic rather than descend into a slanging match or putting our parts on (and yes, I include myself in that).
    Humour and what makes you laugh. How you met or left your spouse..
    What would you do if you won a lot of money.. (Yes please!!)

    Lastly, it would be nice if you Irish people got together again and celebrated your heritage, tried to do your own version of RiverDance or whatever..
    Any thoughts?

  23. gee I get no thanks A8….

    What’s the matter Ernest no reply to my reply to yours, or is it you don’t respond when I talk civilly to you 🙂

  24. Agit8ed –

    There’s no point. People want to gossip about their fav celebs. That’s it.

  25. Troll,

    What makes you think that I had even read your reply?

    Now that I have read it, I must say I admire yur sense of irony!

    You recommending me for elevation to the hierachy – that’s gotta be a first, and here’s me still looking for the guy who recommended you, – so that I can chastise him.

  26. Ernest
    so other than that you have nothing else to say about the bulk of my reply?

    You see you don’t really want a conversation, do you?

    Like I said, most on here only want to fight.

  27. Pete Moore,

    The nearest it gets to anything ‘celebby’ here is when you guys go weakkneed over your favorite music, or what you fellas call a sport i.e. footy

    If anything, or anyone is a ‘one trick pony’, it is your good self or Troll, you with your anarchistic rants and he with his gun control diatribes.

    Otherwise, I have noted that there is a distinct dislike of anything celeb, whether it be entertainment, fashion or royalty.

  28. Troll,

    What ‘bulk of your reply’, I have been out for most of the day – it’s my daughters birthday.

    You want me to agree or disagree with your attitude to Mahons, – isn’t that between you two and nothing really for me to pass comment on.

    Otherwise, taking a leaf from your book, and as I had nothing more to say, I said nothing, and no I wasn’t just looking fo a fight!

    As for your curiosity re David asking me to post, or not! – is that really your business?

    If anything from your last response it seems that it is you who is looking for a fight.

  29. There was no greater example of ‘celebrity worship’ here on ATW than around a year ago when Pete was fawning and sycophanting endlessly over nonentity flash in the pan Ron Paul.

  30. Some celebrity, what with him being a “nonentity flash in the pan” an all that.

  31. Earnest
    no I was hoping for a more elaborate response regarding the civility of us all. If you have no observations on it you have none.

    Let alone your own lack of civility.

    Your right, It is none of my business if David followed through on my suggestion of inviting you. I was just curious and hoping that you would look towards your own incivility towards me, and why it continues.

    I guess such a hope was foolish on my part. It is obvious that once wounded you are unable to get past it.

    Your loss, and your inadequacy not mine.

  32. Troll,

    Not only a sense of irony, but stubborn as well.

    That you are lecturing anyone on civility,is yet another of example of your taste for irony.

    One minute you are telling me to F*** off!, and the next you wonder why I limit my responses to you.

    If I should receive an invite to post, I would, of course, thank you for your support and promotion. Whether I might accept the invite is entirely a different matter.

    You kid yourself if you think your remarks have in any way wounded me, – think again!

    My concerns have been more about the damage you have done to ATW, with your aggressively rude and ill-mannerd reponses, especially to the ladies. I would have thought you might have had more respect for David, – considering his kindness to you!

    In closing, might I say that I find most of your posts and comments quite repetetive and boring, – hence my tardiness and sparcity of responses.

  33. ” gee I get no thanks A8….”

    No you don’t Mr. Troll, and there are two main reasons.
    One, because you seem to take pleasure in annoying people,
    and two,
    because I forgot.

    Let’s go through this again.
    I like and support you not just because I simply cannot believe you are as bad tempered, touchy, miserable and plain rude as you often project yourself.
    I like you because no one could have such good taste in music or care passionately about his country or be willing to take whatever work it takes to provide for your wife and family.
    So if you don’t like that it’s tough.
    Wanna come over and try to punch my lights out?
    Be my guest.
    AND you haven’t sent me an email update yet.. 🙂
    Oh, and you haven’t commented on my suggestions for widening out our discussions on ATW.
    (I’d let you do something on ladies fashions..;)

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