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Well, today seems Zimbabwe go to the polls to re-elect Mugabe. Oh, sorry, is that  tad cynical?

“Zimbabweans are voting in a presidential election that has already been hit by allegations of fraud. On Tuesday, incumbent Robert Mugabe said he would resign after 33 years in power if he lost. It came as Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) accused Mr Mugabe’s Zanu-PF of doctoring the electoral roll. Zanu-PF denied the accusation.”

Under the stony gaze of marxist thug Mugabe, Zimbabwe (pictured here with his good friend, Mandela)  has turned into a shambles of an economy, with a currency that is worthless, with abject poverty for many people, with murder rates that are astronomical and with a “democracy” that is a sham, controlled by Zanu-PF.

Once upon a time, when BRITAIN ran this country, it was renowned as the bread basket of Africa, such was the economic success of the country. Giving it independence, has transformed it from breadbasket to basket case.

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  1. Mugabe’s Zimbabwe has some striking parallels with the UK, an electoral roll which is known to be unfair but cannot be amended because the ruling elite will not allow it, a prosperous nation brought to mountainous debt by it’s ruling elite, and a parliament which is feeble and ineffective and a mile from any form of democracy. But at least Zimbabweans still own their own country

  2. Why bother?

    It’s to maintain the pretence that people have a real choice. That’s why there are elections in the US, UK and other ‘democracies’ – where all the parties offer the same but with different talking heads, just like TV.

  3. The US people do have a choice.

    Don’t give me your world weary bullshit.

    They may not have enough of a choice, but mostly that’s their own damned fault.

    They have choices, and elections do have consequences in our countries.

  4. And the differences between Obama and McCain were….? And the differences between Obama and Romney were….? There are no differences between any of these siamese-twins which would have any beneficial effects for the 4 out of 5 Americans who are now facing poverty (but not you, Phantom):


    Four out of five Americans are near poverty, walking the line between joblessness and welfare application, and the American dream under the current Obama administration is slowly dying, a new survey shows

  5. Allan

    You, like Troll, are practicing class warfare on these pages.

    What do you think that accomplishes?

    How much money do you have by the way, since you are going down this route.

  6. Phantom – there’s nothing “class warfare” about pointing out the fact of mass impoverishment of Americans and that the choices which they were given at elections would have done nothing to change the trajectory of the US’s oligarchical economy i.e the further enrichment of the oligarchs (those involved with what passes for money) and further impoverishment of those in the rapidly shrinking ‘real’ economy which was formerly the manufacturing base – now offshored to enrich the oligarchical community.

    As for whatever money I have, it’s irrelevant because I oppose the continued enrichment of the moneyed oligarchs. Besides, I work in the productive economy and my work creates the wealth which these scumbags are pocketing.

  7. You have the mainstream Dem line and the mainstream GOP line.

    Can anyone identify a substantive, meaningful difference between the two on any issue?

  8. Allan

    You’re in the oil bidness.

    Of course they’re always the good guys.

    They never screwed anyone over. Just ask them.

  9. You’ve made many references to the NYC bubble, as if we don’t work as hard as you guys do, and as if we were in some different type of people in some other country.

    You’ve also proposed means testing Social Security, which would be a major change from current practice – which would remove benefits from ” the rich ” – who paid the most into it – and give the benefits to ” the 99% ” – who paid less into it. That is class warfare by definition. Its the same thing as raising taxes on the rich. It is redistribution.

  10. Phantom – I’m in the engineering business which is about construction. No engineering: no infrastructure of any kind.

    Can you show any difference at all in proposed policy between the Establishment parties which would have prevented the mass impoverishment of Americans outside the Phantom-bubble?

  11. Mahons –

    So can you identify where there’s one substantial, meaningful difference in policy between the Dems and the GOP?

  12. The Republicans told the US public to take a hike on health care.

    The Democrats did not.

  13. means testing is basic economics. Soc Sec is a welfare system and was always meant to be. It’s always been a redistribution system. It was originally set up to take care of old widows.

    The Bubble is not a NY bubble, it’s YOUR bubble. I’ve never said either you or NYrs don’t work hard.

  14. Pete – I can identify many. What you’ll find in a healthy nation such as ours and yours is that the differences are not as extreme between parties as they would be in an unhealthy nation (Russia’s Commies verse its Tsarists back in the day). There is a degree of consensus on many issues in which the differences are not necessarily stark ones. Fringe lunacy (as you espouse) is not a serious worldview but rather rejected vanity politics.

  15. and your also as delusional as Pete and Allan, The republicans did not tell the public to take a hike on Healthcare. First off they were locked out of every meeting on Obamacare, it is an exclusive Democrat Plan, second the Republicans proposed two things over and over that the democrats have repeated again and again. Cross state availability which would open the free market into health care, and tort reform.

  16. Means testing introduces a huge redistribution element to a major component of the economy that has largely been based on tax ( premium ) paid by the workers. Where those who never worked or paid into it never got any benefit.

    You turn an insurance safety net to a welfare program – the exact opposite of what you preach otherwise.

    You guys are mighty socialist when you want to be!

  17. The Republicans controlled all the levers of power for a time under Bush.

    They did NOTHING.

    They never would have done anything.

  18. So I read three weeks ago that Mugabe won today’s election with 731% of the vote.
    What a guy,

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