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Here’s a new one: while the fighting rages on across Libya the rebels have formed a Central Bank. Isn’t this the urgent goal of all rebellions?

Pardon my nose for twitching, but it’s the latest in a few anomolies. You know, Obama and Biden launching rapido into a war they would once have decried clearly as unconsitutional; NATO taking control of operations over Libya when it it is an explicitly defensive alliance; the RAF’s repeated ground attacks against static military hardware, in violation of the UN mandate …

The FT’s link show that when the US Treasury imposed sanctions against the sale of Lybian oil it, an oddity was inserted allowing sanctions to be lifted if ownership of the oil changed. With our military seeming (in my view) to go past the mandate under which they operate, the rush to war and – all of a sudden – the means to channel oil money via the a new Central Bank in eastern Lybia … no, I’m sure it’s all about the humanitarian mission.

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  1. To be true to type and being of a highly cynical and sceptical nature, I have to say I have had the distinct impression that this Mulsim Spring of revolution has had a distinctly stage managed aura about it.

    Nothing you could put your finger on and say ‘that doesn’t look right’, – it just all seems so stage managed, with rebels looking more like Mardis Gras participants than serious revoluntionaries, and with so much ammunition to waste firing numerous rounds into the air,- they just seem to be too darned happy to be facing imminent death for the cause, perhaps they had read the script before it all started?

    The media’s almost manic obsession, in particular the BBC’s, with events in Libya, to the almost perfunctory acknowledgment that there were several other places having their own rebellions, seemed, well, more like propaganda than news coverage.

    Whether one agrees or not with the course or purpose of events, the list of major players and their alliances, pronouncements, actions and general demeanour throws up some cause for eyebrow raising. From Obama, through Cameron, Sarkozy and Merkel, to the various Arab alliances, all seem to be playing a predetermined part, – often uncomfortably so, and seldom very convincing.

    Obama’s uncharacteristic reticence, and Cameron’s over insistence that the NFZ is all strictly legal, and will be conducted in a proper manner, seem to say the opposite of the intended message. The eagerness of some of the smaller Arab nations to be a part of the action makes the cynic in me wonder how much they are charging, is it ‘by the hour’, or perhaps it’s a package deal, they are usually very careful not get involved when the ‘big-boys’ start to play their silly games.

    Yes, I know, all this is very uncharitable of me, to even think such things! – but can leopards really change their spots? – umh! maybe! and has the altruistic ethos finally triumphed over coarse materialism and rampant religious and national aggression? – now that is doubtful!

    Whatever is happening, I anxiously await the final chapter, when all will be revealed and we can all go back to worrying about global warming and the horrors to come

  2. Interesting. Are you saying, then, that it is “war for oil?”

    My question is: why is Obama helping in this “war for oil” since US oil doesn’t come from Libya?

  3. It just gets more fascinating every day – trying to determine which oil company is backing which side. Total seems to have the upper hand as the ‘rebels’ are now advancing although Italian oil giant ENI is not happy because the ‘rebels’ may give the contracts which ENI had with Gadaffi to Total (France). We need to know where the Standard Oil group gets a deal. If Gadaffi promises them what they want, then I’m sure that we’ll see a recovery in Gadaffi’s forces.

    I’m sure that we can all agree here that it really is about oil. Are there any dissenters: anybody who thinks that Sarkozy, Cameron Obama et al have decided that 42 years of human rights abuses (culminating in the highest living standards in Africa) must be brought to an end?

  4. Patty –

    Since the federal government is the wholly owned legislative arm of Wall Street, my gob wouldn’t be smacked to find Goldman Sachs and the rest of the central banksters all over this one.

  5. If you look at the photographs of the crowds of rebels you will several several Amercian Banker types trying to hide their identity with fake beards and turbans. However their Brooks Brothers Suits are a dead giveaway. If you don’t see them then the International Banking Cartel has cropped them out of the photos!

  6. If we let our imaginations run wild for a moment and get away from the usual reasons for conflict, such as oil, preventing communism, and host of other reasons, open your mind and think of some other posibilities, such as, the approaching possibilty of an attempt to form a World Government, something involving the financial and the political communities, to form perhaps some sort of super UN, with blocs such as the EU, rather than mere nations forming the constiuent parts.

    Tony Blair saw a future on the world stage and used his premiership of the UK as a stepping stone to, hopefully, bigger and better things. Who is to say that Obama is not following his footsteps? Unthinkable! – I hear the cry, ‘the USA is the biggest and the best there has ever been’, it is numero uno, – maybe, but for how much longer? – maybe he has some inside info and is planning his future accordingly!

    All total fantasy, of course! but for heavens sake, there has to be more than this perpetual warring, – or should that be whoring? – over resources. Surely man’s purpose is more than working hard to earn the money to pay for yet another war?

    If you do stumble on the answer, please let me know, I have seen far too much of the ‘same old, same old’ stuff, – please, – there has to be more to it all!

  7. I blame God. It’s all his fault. He gets bored every now and then so he looks at his little baby globe picks it up and shakes around a bit just like those Christmassy glass things with the fake snow inside 😉

  8. “[Depleted uranium tipped missiles] fit the description of a dirty bomb in every way… I would say that it is the perfect weapon for killing lots of people.” Marion Falk, chemical physicist (retd), Lawrence Livermore Lab, California, USA

    I read that in the first 24 hours of the Libyan attack, US B-2s dropped forty-five 2,000-pound bombs. These massive bombs, along with the Cruise missiles launched from British and French planes and ships, all contained depleted uranium (DU) warheads.

  9. I broadly share your worries/cynicism, Pete M.
    Actually, I thought that Ken Livingstone voiced pretty much the same concerns on Question Time last week, but he was (unfairly, in my view) harangued and heckled by a large section of the audience for stating his views. (Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand Ken’s politics, but he spoke some sense on the Libya issue).
    I don’t pretend to fully understand the UK/Fr/USA/NATO motives in intervening in Libya, but you can bet it is a question of self-interest rather than of “protecting civilian life”, otherwise, as Ken said, why aren’t we bombing Mugabe’s regime right now? These politicians take us for fools.

  10. Hey Allan

    Better put on your robes and hop the next plane to Libya.

    The locals think that the US UK France and NATO are doing a good thing – while you’re parroting ten year old baloney about ” evil treachery against the locals ”

    You need to convince them that Bush/Obama are doing great evil

  11. A ‘Central bank’ ?

    Err, i told you so… now just who was it on here that derided me as just a ‘conspiracy theorist’, come on, you know who you are !

    Iran, will gwet a shiny new ‘Central bank’ next?

  12. Crap, Typo ..

    A ‘Central bank’ ?

    Err, i told you so… now just who was it on here that derided me as just a ‘conspiracy theorist’, come on, you know who you are !

    Iran, will get a shiny new ‘Central bank’ next?

    Then North Korea?

  13. The next plane to Libya will have your pals from the IMF on board – no seats available for me. When they get there, the usual ‘remedy’ of privatisation (i.e. sale of national assets and infrastructure at fire-sale prices to multi-national corporates owned by….) and a private central bank (owned by…) will be proposed to the puppet who replaces Gadaffi – unless he offers them a better deal.

  14. Yes – and more than ever, the policies proposed by the BNP stand as a clear refutation of the Establishment’s ‘mainstream’ parties.

  15. Thought perhaps you had taken up a new cause.
    You haven’t been commenting much recently..

    Go on then,
    give us a link to see these refutations…

  16. Let’s see: the rebels are being backed by Islamic fundamentalism and by NY bankers, who of course are backed by the Jewish lobby.

  17. “My question is: why is Obama helping in this “war for oil” since US oil doesn’t come from Libya?”

    Correct… but now, all the Oil revenues, will be going through a ‘central bank’?

  18. Noel, you are the all seeing, all knowing font of knowledge .. so, help me out here, me old mucker … who exactly owns the Federal reserve, the Bank of England, and all the other ‘Central banks’ ?

  19. Noel, no reply by the way, is no form of an answer ..[ Noel, by this time, will be furiously googling ‘ Central banks’] ?

    Noel, let me save you the trouble, it can not be answered?

  20. So much then for the ‘all knowing, all seeing Lefty Oracle of Noel’?


    Take as long as you want! penny started to finally drop.. has it?

  21. Hi Harry, so sorry for not being available for a whole 4 hours. I had dinner to eat, news to watch, a child to bring to bed and a wife to quarrel with.

    But you wish to pick my brain: The central banks are owned by the govts of their respective countries. How about that?

    But what’s that got to do with Wall St and my lefty irony?

  22. No Agit – I just come on here to read and if I’ve nothing to say or somebody has already written what I’m thinking then why waste time?

    On the BNP’s website –


    one sees that: the Japan disaster is being used to push the ‘green’ agenda, whites to be a minority in the USA by 2050 closely followed by Britain, BNP councillors attempt to prevent halal meat being fed to schoolchildren (thwarted by the LibLabCon), a census army of 30,000 to impose completion of the census, taxpayers pay £900 million to the BBC’s pension fund, MPs’ expenses regulations to be relaxed etc.

    If you favour the above, continue to vote LibLabCon.

  23. You and your lefty irony? Here’s some irony – who funded the Russian Revolution?

  24. >>who funded the Russian Revolution?<<

    Well, the Kaiser paid for Lenin journey back to start it.

    It meant Russia reaching peace with Germany, which would then be able to transfer its entire army to the Western front, just as the Yanks were arriving. So it was certainly not in American's – even short term – interest.

  25. Well Noel, in February 1917, while Lenin was in Switzerland getting money from one Warburg, Trotsky was in NY getting money from another. And the funding continued until after 1990 when all the assets went back to those who bought them in the first place – but it seems that Putin got wise to them:


    In any case, here is a referenced report on Wall Street’s funding of the Russian Revolution which caused the deaths of tens of millions of people. These same scumbags also funded and armed Hitler.


    Wall Street went to bat in Washington for the Bolsheviks. It succeeded. The Soviet totalitarian regime survived. In the 1930s foreign firms, mostly of the Morgan-Rockefeller group, built the five-year plans. They have continued to build Russia, economically and militarily. [18] On the other hand, Wall Street presumably did not foresee the Korean War and the Vietnam War — in which 100,000 Americans and countless allies lost their lives to Soviet armaments built with this same imported U.S. technology. What seemed a farsighted, and undoubtedly profitable, policy for a Wall Street syndicate, became a nightmare for millions outside the elitist power circle and the ruling class.

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