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_42479842_bragetty203.gifSo what do you make of the news that the new high priests of this 21st century, the scientists, say that fat from the tummy or bottom could be used to grow new breasts in a treatment which could be carried out in an hour – or a lunch break?

Scientists say they can create a fat mixture with concentrated stem cells, which, when injected into the breast, apparently encourages tissue to grow. The therapy, detailed in Chemistry and Industry Magazine, could help cancer patients who have had mastectomies. And if licensed, it may rival silicone for those seeking bigger breasts. Using fat from the patient’s own body to rebuild other areas is not a novel idea, but such reconstructions often fail as the fat is simply reabsorbed. However using fat-derived stem cells appears to overcome this problem, according to the company behind the procedure, Cytori Therapeutics.

It all sounds too good to be true. I’m sure those women who have had a mastectomy might find this sort of thing to be very encouraging but does this sort of thing just raise false hope? You’ve got to admit that the concept of using tummy fat to grow larger breasts is novel but what sort of people dream these things up? Seems to be that they have wayyyyy to much time on their hands! And I suppose if they don’t get mass business they might end up going bust!!

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18 thoughts on “FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

  1. Breast cancer and mastectomy is a really serious issue. Women suffer and die or are disfigured through it. Having lived through the fear of breast cancer and the possible consequences of dying or losing a breast I know very well what it means mentally and physically to cope with this. I was lucky in the end. It is NOT trivial and not worthy of a few laughs. Imagine suffering and then losing your balls and trying to feel adequate and normal afterwards? If scientists are able to help women (anyone) cope with the aftermath of such horrific surgery then all the better. That is what they are supposed to do.

  2. Jenny,

    My point is that we are all offered a panacea of cures for all know ills by scientists – but how many account for a hill of beans? Each year, the media faithfully trot out the "new cure for cancer" story, the new "cure for baldness", whatever. I just think that we put too much faith in science.

  3. I just think that we put too much faith in science.

    in the hopes of scientific achievement possibly. but thats just peoples personal perception.

    what is the alternative? a regression to virginal sacrifice? more prayer?

  4. Growing breasts with tummy tissue? This raises more than false hopes…like the hair on my scalp. This just sounds bad.

  5. It strikes me that if only the magazines and entertainment-media would try and put out a more balanced image of women, and stop pressurising women to feel that they have to look like supermodels or whatever, then maybe some women who feel insecure about their "vital" statistics may feel less inclined to seek this treatment. (I’m not talking about breast cancer patients here, only about women who might feel a desire to cosmetically enhance their bodies).
    It’s just that, as a red-blooded heterosexual man I often feel like saying to some women "calm down, you don’t have to go after this "perfect" look or size – sexual attraction is not merely a matter of breast size or physical shape, it’s everything taken together; personality, humour, looks, all of it".

  6. While this procedure doesn’t sound appealing to me, I’m not going to get judgemental on another woman’s standard of beauty and what she’s willing to do to achieve that personal ideal.

    Tom is where I think most men are after that first glance, they want inner substance and compatability, not a plastic copy of Barbie .

  7. –sexual attraction is not merely a matter of breast size or physical shape, it’s everything taken together; personality, humour, looks, all of it"–

    That’s really true. Women don’t realize that about men, and men don’t realize that about women. No wonder everyone’s so messed up.

    The plastic Barbie just came from the plastic surgeon look is such a turnoff. One of many phenomena I just don’t understand.

    There’s a cute young girl in our office who decided that she needed a little more emphasis up top. She’s not so cute anymore.

  8. Phantom that’s so true.

    Have any of you found that a person you thought of initially as unattractive becomes incredibly beautiful when you’ve gotten to know them? Coventional beauty is mute when faced with an exquisitely unique person of substance.

  9. Well, if anyone needs belly fat, I’ve got a truckload of it here waiting to be harvested…

  10. Bearhunter: lol

    I think, btw, that the brain is the largest erogenous zone…

    What is allure, after all? A smell, a thought, a promise…not the size of a guys pecs (or a woman’s breasts)

  11. Thanks Jason. Its a procedure for women who have had cancer treatment and a masectomy that will allow breast tissue to grow. It is new. It is not a lunchtime beauty procedure. Similar procedures helped graft and grow skin from other parts of the body for burn victims.

  12. Daphne: Hey, I’m just trying to be helpful. And not just breasts, either; anyone who needs excess flesh is welcome to it, believe me you’d be doing me a favour….

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