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With all the subtlety of a rhinoceros, David Cameron climbed straight into a self-made fire with his words of approval for ‘Gay Marriage’.

With the news coming out of the woodwork regarding possible changes to the Law regarding Marriage so as to accommodate all his bent friends, I sometimes wonder if he hasn’t retained some of the less-fragrant habits from his boarding-school days, and is not only bending backwards, he is bending forwards as well!

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5 thoughts on “Funny, or just Queer?

  1. Some of this language is cruel, unnecessary, wrong, and also happens to play into the hands of the ” deconstruct society ” people.

    Of course, the likes of Cameron were for this. Quelle f****** surprise.

  2. Disapproval of the ‘gay marriage’ concept is one thing but unnecessarily ad hominem and homophobic ranting is quite another and does little for your cause. Personally couldn’t give a toss if gay couple wish to marry but not sure that religious institutions should be forced to perform a so called marriage ceremony. On the other hand, have no real interest in any religious institution’s involvement in marriage, state funded education or much else. But respect others’ choices (save for state funded education being enabled to discriminate on religious basis only – that I strongly disagree with).

  3. Ho ho!!
    What now for our clever sophisticates who said it wouldn’t make any difference?
    Of course it will make a difference.
    You can’t mess around with the customs of millenia, and pretend nothing will change.

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