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Regardless of your political persuasion, perhaps we can all agree that unemployment is a problem that can crush the spirit and cause all sorts of personal and social unrest. So, isn’t it bizarre that the British Government is doing all it can to make it even harder for those without a job to get one?

BRITAIN is advertising 800,000 jobs to people in the European Union creating more competition for the unemployed at home, it was revealed ­yesterday.

Almost six in every 10 vacancies on a taxpayer-funded EU ­website are in the UK, raising questions about the Government’s approach to unemployment.  Germany, the economy of which is the EU’s largest, is second with 267,517 job advertisements, a third fewer.

The total number of vacancies on EURES, the European job mobility portal, as of yesterday was 1,450,490 – so UK jobs up for grabs total more than those in other EU states put together.

Do we REALLY lack all the skills of these 800,000? If so, what exactly has been happening in Education for decades? It’s a perfect storm really, we have a dumbed down pool of wannabe workers some of whom would rather they never worked, we have rising welfare bills to fund them that cannot be funded, and we have an open borders approach to employment whereby the last people to stand a chance to even get a job are British.

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  1. http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/publications/re-reference-tables.html?newquery=*&newoffset=25&pageSize=25&edition=tcm%3A77-263579

    Visit the link above for the Office of National Statistics and open the table VACS01. This Excel table for the number of vacancies in the UK states 516,000 vacancies which is a rate of 4.9 people unemployed per vacancy. If 800,000 vacancies are being advertised for the UK in Europe, what is the purpose of doing so? Clearly there is a lie being told, but why?

  2. Not only does ‘our government’ dance to a different tune to us, – they dance to a different orchestra!…

    And so the betrayal continues unabated without let of hindrance.

  3. “Almost six in every 10 vacancies on a taxpayer-funded EU ­website are in the UK …”

    The golden rule with any bureaucracy is to never forget it exists to serve itself. What we probably have is a budget somewhere for some kind of website, and bureaucrats ended up with a mess, as always, because they’re keen to spend the budget (“use it or lose it”).

    It doesn’t exist to help the unemployed anywhere. It exists because a bunch of parasites were looking to fill their day.

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