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Further to David’s revelations about the Nil-Legacy Paralympic Games, there comes a statement from ‘Our Dave’ (who else?) that he is backing London’s bid for the 2018 Gay Games.

One presumes that there will be a short pause before this particular basic activity is deemed ‘compulsory’ by the same authorities who gave us the mesmerising Olympics and Paralympics?

If it is true that the Dome was actually built because Euan Blair told his daddy that it would be cool; what are the odds that we will be hosting the biggest Bent Event in six years time?

Gay Marriage; anyone?

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13 thoughts on “Gay, or just desperate?

  1. Moving past the “bent” term, I don’t quite see the point.

    I don’t see how your orientation would have any major impact on your sporting ability, which is a feature of the Paraolympics.

    Googling a bit, it would appear that anyone can take part anyway.

    The only value I see is in welcoming athletes from countries where homosexual activity is illegal and where it would be hard for someone “out” to represent their country in the main Olympics.

    If that is to be a major focus for it then fair enough.

  2. ‘Gay games’ .. this is a joke right?

    I trust there will not be any drug testing then.

    Believe me, if they tested for ‘Recreational drugs’ 99% of them would fail.

  3. You are just so macho Harri.
    Here’s a clip from Round the Horn’s Sandy and Jules..
    Audio only I’m afraid..

  4. Agit8ed, on January 13th, 2013 at 3:54 PM Said:
    You are just so macho Harri.

    You mean virile shorely ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Allan – interesting links there, especially Blair’s pederast friend Knox Cunningham.
    Keep us informed.

  6. Colm – what’s the theory? All I’ve done is to link a picture of Euan Blair with his mother’s mentor in the Chambers where she ‘devilled’.

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