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This latest research will make the welfare class and their numerous apologists uneasy…

BRITAIN’S benefits addiction was exposed yesterday as official figures showed that seven in 10 of those on long-term sickness hand-outs are potentially fit enough to work. A review of incapacity benefit recipients showed nearly 40 per cent could take a job straight away while a further third could get some kind of employment in the future. Yet millions of people have become “stranded” on sickness state support – at an estimated cost of £12.5billion a year.

Of course they are not so much stranded as addicted and we need to end that pampering. Every time one of these stories bubbles up, I usually end up doing some sort of media interview with those who INSIST that the 1.5 million out there claiming sickness welfare will end up destititute should it be taken away. When I insist that the greater poverty comes from facilitating their idleness, the shrieks of outrage often drown me out. I am portrayed as hard hearted because I am offended by the taxpayer being ripped off by the idle. The suggestion is that the 1.5 MILLION Brits claiming long tern sickness benefits are all unable to work. Now we know just how untrue this position is…..with the possibility of 70% of them being able to work. The sooner Government moves to deal with this the better. We just cannot afford to indulge them a day longer.

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  1. Five years National service. No Job, No Higher Education…in the Army — out to Afghanistan for you matey.

  2. Why is it a rare thing to see a disabled person getting out of the new cars in the rows of disabled parking spaces in your local Tesco?

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