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Labour came to power in 1997. Let’s look at just ONE social metric since that date;

There are now twice as many households where no one has ever had a job than in 1996. Excluding student lodgings, the number of British homes where no one works stands at 297,000, up 27,000 on last year.  A total of 307,000 children live in homes where they have never seen an adult in work.

This is transgenerational welfare parasitism and is a rotting of the essential work ethic. Having a huge client group that thinks it can get away with NOT working may appeal to the Fabian elite that run Labour BUT it is utterly destructive and malignant from a societal perspective. Imagine the role model of parent(s) that do not work and show no interest in work!

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  1. Seamus ..I’m confused. Trans-generational worklessness. The Tories? All in the one year? Like the last 13 years of Liebour feckwits were really great geniuses? Really? Who’da thunk it.

  2. “Excluding student lodgings, the number of British homes where no one works stands at 297,000, up 27,000 on last year.”

    Up 10% in the last year.

  3. So all the successive generations having no work all happened in the one year? Wow.

    Cos if it’s a multi year thing your statistic would be just meaningless. All it would mean is that existing scrounger families bred under Labour, have now had the next generation leave (skipping) school and have ‘entered the workplace’..so to speak. So meaningless.

    This financial crisis …Gordon Brown losing a Trillion pounds down a sofa in Millbank….all a staggering coincidence then? Unconnected?

  4. See your statistic is meaningless because it ignores the fact that every Tory government has inherited an economy in the crapper due to Labour’s utter failure.

    Every single time.

    Thats a statistic you should be really shouting about. EVERY TIME.

  5. Well to be fair most the time that there is a government change is at a time that the economy is doing bad. Because if the economy is doing well then there is a good chance that the government won’t lose the next election. Since the 2nd World War only 3 governments have changed hands when there wasn’t a failing economy, and one of those was an election where the outgoing government got more votes yet still lost.

  6. All Ponzi schemes must collapse eventually.

    The law of Physics says a pyramid cannot balance on it’s tip forever.

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  7. It’s good that DV mentions the Fabians. Their emblem is a wolf in sheep’s clothing: pure, infiltrationist evil is their ideology. Check it searching for Fabian Society logo.

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