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cameronST070606_228x429.jpgI see that David Cameron, the simpering liberal PR crazy half-wit who leads the dysfunctional Conservative Party, has been outlining policy on crime. He believes that "long-term generational change" is needed to fight crime – not a "knee-jerk" response. Policies to curb violent video games, encourage responsible parenting, and improve schooling could be considered by the Tories, Cameron said.

Wow – tough words, eh? I love the "could" in his awesome strategy. Any weaker and it would be invisible.

Look, OF COURSE encouraging responsible parenting is a good idea. But how is "Call me Dave" going to achieve this unless he is prepared to eviscerate the rotten Welfare system and that means penalising the dysfunctional parasites thet feed off it. Think he would do that – in a million years? And as for violent video games – I agree they are a problem but will he ban them? What about violent movies and crime eulogising pop video’s? Ban them too?

The way to deal with crime is not "long-term" but RIGHT NOW. Today, not tomorrow.

The Police FORCES across the UK should start acting as if they were serious about enforcing the rule of law and arresting the hoods that blight our streets. Croxteth is but one instance of what happens when the police back off from law enforcement and instead try to act as glorified social workers. The political and policing will that is missing needs firmly re-inserted and that means getting rid of the liberals that infest the senior strata of policing in the UK. The guilty need severely punished and the judiciary need to act more responsibly. In short we need to tackle crime head-on, and all this clap-trap about generational change is a distraction from that TOUGH reality of today, of this generation. If Cameron had any sense, which he doesn’t, he would recognise that being tough on crime comes before being tough on the causes of crime. That time is now.

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7 thoughts on “GENERATIONAL CHANGE….

  1. One can imagine the money that could be spent on "initiatives to encourage responsible parenting" and the jobs that could be created in the public sector and the complete lack of effect any of it would have in the real world.

    What is a reponsible parent? In it not just a responsible person who happens to be a parent?

    So what makes a person responsible? Upbringing and education help but above all the understanding that irresponsible actions have negative consequences and responsible actions bring rewards.

    When a political class set out to abolish that distinction can they really be surprised at a generation that has failed to learn the difference.

  2. What on earth is Cameron doing in your picture with the Cross of St George? He seems to be using it to cover his ass. His loyalty based on his attitude to the English nation, is clearly to Scotland. That’s where he dissed the English in his last speech up there.

  3. David, Agreed. When a person goes to hospital having a heart attack, the doctor doesn’t sit down explaining the need for proper diet and exercise! He takes immediate action to save the patient. Lifestyle changes are discussed later.

  4. Oh, man, I just read Cameron’s statement at the Torygraph and I went nuts trying to find a "Have Your Say" button. It’s gotten so I can’t bear to read news that won’t let me talk back.

    The only way to curb this is to start enforcing the laws — big and small. Give punk kids a hard time. Make arrests. Put repeat offenders in jail. Put the ones who repeat after that in jail for a LONG TIME.

    And this dipstick wants to go after movies and music? Nice. Very nice.

  5. "And this dipstick wants to go after movies and music?"

    The dipstick is representative of the membership of his party because they elected him.

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