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janjaweed_killers_on_the_hoof.gifSo. UK PM Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy say they are ready to travel together to Darfur to help end the bloodshed and famine that has claimed 200,000 lives. How so? Well, after a Franco-British mini-summit in Paris, the Prime Minister and the President announced a new diplomatic and economic initiative to try to halt the Sudanese civil war. If the initiative succeeded, they said they would go to Darfur,the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, and to neighbouring Chad to ensure the "peace process is moving forward".  Ah – ANOTHER peace process, I see. I bet you can guess what’s coming next!

Brown said Darfur was "one of the great, humanitarian disasters of our generation". "It’s happening even as we speak. It’s incumbent on the whole world to act," he said. "We will work for an immediate ceasefire on the ground. We will be prepared to contribute substantial sums in economic support as soon as a ceasefire makes it possible. We will be strong in saying, unless action is taken, we will be prepared to consider a toughening up of sanctions."( Note the lovely little "prepared to consider…"  caveat)

What a load of codswallop this all is! This whole "soft power" mentality of the Eurocrats is doomed to failure. The killing frenzy of the Janjaweed will not be stopped by buying them off. It will be stopped by taking an effective  combination of military and economic sanctions against the wicked Sudanese Government and its Janjaweed proxes. Responsibilty for this lies primarily with the mighty African Union. But then again, we know that the AU isn’t too bothered about genocide, if one considers its indifference to what Mugabe has been doing in Zimbabwe. Brown is off on a grandstanding tour of genocide land, trying to find ways to spend UK taxpayers money.

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  1. Thanks colm. Interesting article. But doesn’t the UK have 70 million people in it. Surely more than 100,000 able bodied men and women could be found for the armed forces? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. ah but back in 1898 there was no ‘Northern Ireland’. It would have been the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

  3. Of course the total mismanagement and poor leadership, have nothing to do with the poor recruitment figures.

    Maybe it’s all of those miltary budget cuts and consequent equipment shortages, it may also be that those who would serve, have at long last seen the total futility of serving such duplicitous masters as politicians.

    Serving in the name of "King (or Queen) and Country" at least had some honour attached, but to be part of a mercenary force at the beck and call of the likes of the UN or NATO, just doesn’t have the same cachet.

    Perhaps they might be better employed doing ‘immigration duty’ at our borders, thereby doing the job they are mandated to do – that is to protect this country and its citizens!

  4. Brown and Sarkozy are engaging in empty gesture politics.

    The regime in Sudan is protected by both the AU and China. The AU will prevent military intervention and the Chinese (who get oil from Sudan) will prevent meaningful economic sanctions. So the genocide will continue as the UN wrings its hands.

    As for Zimbabwe, it will eventually collapse as a state and divide along tribal lines. Other African states, equally artificial, will follow the same path.

  5. David, with what you have written – "But then again, we know that the AU isn’t too bothered about genocide, if one considers its indifference to what Mugabe has been doing in Zimbabwe."

    the left would disagree.

    Zimbabwe has a host of problems, some of them epic (food shortages, economic devastation, a corrupt government, etc), but not genocide.

    Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at 07:23PM | mahons

  6. Allan: You have an obsession with me that I must advise you will remain unrequited as I am married and have never been interested in other men. However, do not despair as I am sure you will find some nice man in Oslo to keep you warm during the cold winter.

    You are quoting from an argument in which you attempt to portray immigration as genocide. You have since tried to create a false impression that I do not think there is evil going on in Zimbabwe which is a gross mischaracterization. Let the record reflect that on a post about Darfur your first reaction was to change the topic to immigration into the UK. That alone demonstrates you level of concern.

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