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60,000 care home staff to be sacked next week because they aren’t double jabbed.

100,000+ NHS staff to be sacked next April if they aren’t double jabbed? 

This is about population control, not virus control.

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21 thoughts on “Get your BOOSTA or lose your freedom.

  1. Get your first, second, third, fourth (there are 8 spaces for boosters on your globalist allocated vaccine Passports) or, be relegated to the ranks of unvaccinated lepers.

    You are now on a runaway train, there are no stops.

    Now, Papers, show me your papers.

    Ring any bells?

    When the few try to control the many, as history tells us, there is only ever one outcome.

    No lessons have been learned.

    But hey, what do I know?

    I am simply a mere mortal tin-foil-hat, flat-earther, crazy conspiracy theorist?

    I would much rather that to be honest, than being a gullible dupe.

    “No jab = No job”

    Oh how the dupes laughed. … 😏

  2. Patrick.

    What is occurring with the ATW site?

    It is taking an absolute age to load?

    I have seen milk go off quicker?

  3. Patrick.

    I am trying here, I really am, but what is occurring with the ATW site?

    We now have a 5G router, and the mast is almost visible two fields away, and it still takes what seems like an age to connect to the ATW site?

  4. can’t tell you I’m across an ocean and I have no problems….. it loads fine. Something has to be causing it to hang for you Harri… without witnessing it I can’t say what.

  5. Patrick.

    The whole family are sucking the juice out of our EE router, but still we can download a HD movie in less than 45 seconds, me? I tap on ATW to remain loyal and friendly, it takes sometimes 10+ minutes?

    All I get is that little white disc pulsating, and a red screen for what seems like an era?

    But I still will not give up.

    1. I have turned of the pre-loader so the red screen should now not show. Let me know if it loads quicker for you Harri

  6. Wow… really no Idea Harri, the only thing I can say to try is clear your cache…. that has happened to me a couple of times but not regularly

  7. Oh, how they laughed?

    I remember the old days, approximately 18 months ago, six months before a vaccine was even developed, on these very pages, some of us predicted “No jab, No job”

    It’s not so funny anymore, is it.

    Patrick, Ged, hope you are both keeping well.

  8. doing fine Harri… hope the same in return….
    yes there are a few arguments in regard to that, to the Steele Dossier, to Rittenhouse…. but everything I said and I was called lies, and a Liar and worse and it’s all been proven true, but….. oh well.

  9. Bannon Indicted,
    we’re just getting started
    can we have a whiny self-pitying thread , full of wailing and doom Pat
    Dr.Butthurt of Butthurt Plaza, Downtown Butthurt

  10. Bloody hell Kurt.

    I would have thought you had more to be concerned about with Brighton & Hove, than worrying about someone, or something 5000 miles away?

    Patrick, Ged.

    It has just taken 30 minutes for me to logon, verify myself.

    It would have been easier to hack into the CIA servers?


  11. I saw you had to change your password Harri, the system has asked me to verify who I am 3 times in the last 2 days. Don’t know what is going on.

  12. Hi Patrick.

    Yep, this is a right old 2 & 8 trying to log in?

    I can log in using my business laptop, but i have to verify each time?

    I am unable to log in by iPad, or iPhone?

    Hope you, the girls and Monica are keeping well through all this Covid malarky.

  13. we are well thank you, hope the same with you and yours Harri.
    It’s a goofy problem that is hard to track down. Since you and only one or two others are all that comment it makes it even harder to trace.

  14. hey Harri, UK politics is dull, will get excited next election
    meanwhile all those plotters of Jan 6th insurrection , mofo’s going down
    heap big butthurt in GQP – perp walk bonanza coming up
    then grillings in public in Jan at the 6th Jan committee
    you won’t wanna miss it
    oh heck – you will if you tune in here
    palmer report has good links to the popcorn nights 🙂
    Gonna need a new wing on Rikers Island to house those traitors –

  15. Hi Kurt,

    I hope you are keeping well.

    Yes, you are absolutely correct, British politics is dull, but let’s be honest, and has been said many times, nothing ever changes, no matter who we vote for, we have only two choices, it is now apparent, dross # 1 or dross #2. It’s not much of a choice, but it’s all we have got.

    Saying that, even though the current Labour Party make the Monster Raving Looney Party appear sane, I hope they stuff the fake Conservatives into political oblivion.

    Patrick, Ged.

    I can now log in without any constant verification.

  16. still alive Harri, no picnic but I’m breathing , thanks
    I dunno much about shares and trading
    But I’d fancy buying some stock in the company that makes orange jumpsuits
    anyone know the name ? reckon 2022 gonna be a good year 😉

    1. I am still waiting for my booster, the first of many I dread?

      I have no interest in Covid…none, but what I do “need” is what comes with the double vaccines, and no doubt countless boosters, is that QR-coded Digital ID Vaccine Passport, remember now, the duped told us, and vilified us for it, I remember it as clear as day..”No Jab, No Job” – No Jab, No QR-Coded Digital ID Vaccine Passport = No life, the globalists and their useful idiots will not allow it?

      You just wait until you are queuing up at Tesco’s to buy that pint of milk, or at that pub to buy a pint of beer.

      Then get back to me and once again, “inform” me that QR-coded Digital ID Vaccine Passports are simply a tin-foil- hat, flat-earther, crazy conspiracy theory.

      Us tin-foil-hat, flat-earther, crazy conspiracy theorists predicted QR-coded Digital ID Vaccine Passports we’re incoming six months before a vaccine was even developed.

      How did we know?

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