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When you check the link, are your first thoughts :-

‘He had to be joking’?


‘Saved in the nick of time’?

My own thoughts tended towards the second option, as the sheer gall of this lying man discounts any possibility that he actually understands how deeply he is disliked by all sections of our society!

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One thought on “Give cash to him? No F******** Way!

  1. Come now! The man won three (3) General Elections and was chosen three times to be the Prime Minister of the UK. Given that he is an utterly false, mendacious spiv like the current PM, what does it say for the collective intelligence of the British people?

    I have concluded that the British people will be fooled time after time after time so they really do deserve the mess they are in now, and the real serious stuff which is coming their way. The middle classes deserve to have their annuities rendered worthless by QE because they voted en masse for the very people who are implementing QE.

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