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6 thoughts on “Give it a listen

  1. So Patrick, just to be clear:

    1. You do not accept that Biden has won. And

    2. If the EC elects Biden on 14 December you will still not accept him as your president and will fight on with Trump. And Rudy.

  2. Peter,

    This isn’t a speech, it’s a performance piece. It’s been recorded in multiple takes and then edited together. Quite badly edited together, if truth be told. I wonder how many takes it took, before whoever directed this decided it was the best they were going to get?
    It also looks like Trump has been coached – finally – in how to use, or not use, as the case may be, his hands. He only forgets himself once or twice and starts gesticulating before catching himself on. He still can’t help himself with the going off script thing either. You can tell when he is reading from the teleprompter and when he is just winging it himself: compare lines like, “As president, I have no higher duty, than to defend the laws and the Constitution of the United States…” and, on voter role registration, “They knew why. Nobody else did. I knew why – they’re illegal voters.” Then, there’s a fairly clumsy cut to a different shot – not just a different camera angle, but a new shot completely (you can really tell in the inflection in his voice), where he talks about how, in 2020, it is a complete travesty etc etc. He’s back on-script, possibly because the director yelled ‘Cut!’ before he went too far off on an insecure rant.

    Seriously, is this the best that the Trump camp can come up with? Badly edited propaganda pieces, with cardboard diagrams ‘proving’ something or other? Does Trump’s four years in the White House end, not with his being dragged, kicking and screaming, out the front door, but with him being sent home with an F Minus because of a really poor Show and Tell presentation?

    Herself sat for the first ten minutes of this, asking, “Is this a joke? Is it just made up?” before just walking out.

    Only the most blinkered, delusional Trumpers would be fooled by this.

  3. President Trump will be leaving the White House with Grace and Dignity……

    Just as soon as Grace finds her knickers and Dignity gets paid,, 😝

  4. I see Pat’s returned to the ‘DON’T MISS THIS’ Tucker Carlson mode.

    Can you tell us why we should give it a listen and why it’s the MOST IMPORTANT Speech he’s ever given? I managed fourteen minutes of it until I turned the mish mash regurgitation of all the fake news conspiracy theory balls he’s gone on about before.

    I’ve long thought that the point of these ‘ WATCH THIS NOW’ videos is more about trying to get people to listen to the propaganda than any supposedly salient points made.

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