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PhDs and committee memberships are useless without common sense. Sir Patrick Vallance, the Chief Scientific Officer, 12th March: Stopping air travel “wasn’t going to make a big difference”.

Sir Patrick Vallance, today:

We didn’t stop air travel at all. One would have though that plugging a leak into the bucket would help to slow the infection. That’s the point of social distancing and buggering up the economy after all. More than 18 MILLION people flew into the UK in the three months prior to lockdown, then waltzed off onto buses and trains. Gee, I wonder why we had so many cases?!

No, this isn’t being wise after the event. I repeatedly called for flights to be halted, as far back as January. It is plain common sense.

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6 thoughts on “GIVE ME STRENGTH

  1. Have to agree with you completely here Pete. Whenever the question has been put to Ministers why there are no restrictions in place at airports they haven’t even attempted to give a coherent answer apart from basically shrugging their shoulders and saying its not a big deal in the wider scheme of things. A bit like allowing a leaking pipe to drip oil onto a land fire and deciding that its not important to plug the leak while firefighters are still struggling to dampen down the flames! Ridiculous.

  2. Apparently though as part of the next phase to control the virus as we move out of lockdown there are plans for enforced quarantine for 14 days for any flight entrant who tests positive or fails a temperature test. A bit bloody late but still welcome news !

  3. “I repeatedly called for flights to be halted, as far back as January. It is plain common sense.”



    Yep, that would have stopped all those people coming in from Spain and Italy

  4. FO –

    That was January. I was right immediately. That’s when China stopped flights from Wuhan to the rest of China but allowed them to carry on to the rest of the world.

    Over the weeks and months, as Phantom is my witness, I repeatedly said in here that it is insane to keep the airports open.

    Even the UK’s Chief Scientific Officer agrees with me on that.

  5. Yeah, I think you called for flights to be stopped a few times.

    Credit where credit is due. You were right.

  6. I agree with you. Why is Vallance still the Chief Science Officer? How can anyone have confidence in what he has to say?

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