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Remember Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi, the young Saudi who was so close to one of the Boston marathon bombs (though apparently a student in Ohio) that he was hospitalised with injuries (is that Michelle Obama with him)? It was widely reported that he was to be deported yesterday on national security grounds, but no-one seems to know where he is at the moment. Turns out that feds might have already had him listed as a terrorist and that he was “armed and dangerous”.

Glenn Beck has been lobbing some big bombs towards Janet Napolitano for two days now with more promised to come. His allegations are laid out on his site here. I know he has his odd moments, but if true (which I’m not claiming) this is bombshell stuff. This was the beef of it on today’s show –


Oh, and it looks like someone called Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi has visited the White House a few times since 2009.

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  1. It looks like NewsMax, WorldNetDaily, InfoWars, Shoebat and the Blaze are all over this.

  2. Can’t see any mention of it on NewsMax, infowars or WND. You guessing there, FO? Watch the evidence, see what you think.

  3. I have read on several news sites that the deportation story was a complete fiction and that this individual is genuinely an innocent person with no connection at all all to any extreme politics or criminal intent.

    Churchill’s dictum about the varying speeds of truth and lies comes to mind.

  4. Glenn Beck has an atrocious record of conspiracy mongering.

    You will forgive me if I don’t listen to anything he says.

    He’s generally out on the ledge with Alex Jones – on the permanently discredited list.

    Are any credible journalists saying anything along these lines?

  5. That’s what I love about liberals: it’s always an open mind being led by the evidence.

  6. Pete

    If there was a crazy person on a street corner by where you work, talking to himself every single day, would you listen to everything that this person said?

    That person is Glenn Beck.

  7. “Evidence pertaining to what?”

    Oh flipping hell we are not in the middle of a high powered courtroom drama Pete. Are you trying to be Johnnie Cochran ? 😉

  8. Dammit, I thought I was starting to follow the gist of this, but by the time that video ended I couldn’t tell my NCTC(subsection 426V) from my Section 213(B)-triple-D.

  9. Colm – what, in the video, are you looking for evidence?

    Tom Tyler – he’s saying that the Saudi, the one pictured with Michelle Obama and who visited the White House a number of times, possibly, was given 212-3B status, which is confirmed terrorist. It’s not a suspect, or a dodgy type, only confirmed terrorists are put on that list.

  10. ” it’s always an open mind being led by the evidence.”

    When the evidence is that Glenn Beck & co are crackpots whose theories aren’t generally worth the time to read, never mind rebut, yes.

    Life is too short to fact check everything one reads on the Internet, or indeed even to read it all. Nor is it especially urgent. If it has any merit you’ll soon hear it from people that are credible.

  11. Tom

    Haven’t you got some fantastic old LPs you could be listening to ?


    Is there an ill fitting Saudi glove planted by the Feds in the video 😉

  12. The DHS doesn’t seem to be fully ‘in the loop’ with the other agencies, does it? They apparently didn’t already know about this Abdul’s terrorist file. That’s the interesting point, as far as I can tell. They check him out, some dodgy stuff comes to light, they start broadcasting his name, then all of a sudden there’s all this frenzied backtracking.
    As for old Abdul, who knows what he is?

  13. Colm – LPs? Antiquated analogue nonsense! Everyone knows you can’t beat the sound of a good mp3!

  14. Oh Pete..

    Glenn Beck! Seriously?

    As Frank said, people develop a reputation for being credible and reliable. That means you don’t have to read everything and can go directly to serious sources, depending on the issue. If you’re going to Glenn Beck on any issue, you’ve frankly lost your marbles.

  15. Tom Tyler –

    Dangerous thoughts, citizen. Turn around, come back to the reservation.

  16. Petr Tarasov –

    I dunno.

    I did acknowledge in the post that Beck has his odd moments, and I did say that I don’t claim that his theory is true. WordPress must have deleted those lines.

    Crikey, if a discussion had broken out I might have expained why I put it up, but the thread went Full ATW Retard immediately.

  17. If you had explained why you put it up then a discussion might have broken out. Absent an explanation we can only go on what you presented, a conspiracy loon babbling about his latest conspiracy theory.

  18. Hi Phantom — I’ve not been well, unfortunately. Things looking a bit better now though.

  19. Petr,
    Sorry to hear that old bean.
    I assumed you been away on a righteous crusade somewhere. At least when I asked about your absence Phantom intimated that you were away on a mission business.
    Does this mean I shall have to start being even nicer to you than I already am? 🙂

  20. Hang on, hang on, let’s back up the bus …

    Phantom –

    “If there was a crazy person on a street corner by where you work, talking to himself every single day, would you listen to everything that this person said? That person is Glenn Beck.”

    I knew something whiffed when I read that. I knew that Phantom had thrown out a comment of convenience, and that he’d not been a stranger to praising the crazy man himself. I was wrong. Not only had Phantom praised Beck, he cited WorldNetDaily on a piece about Michael Savage whilst suggesting that Beck deserves the Peabody Award, which reflects excellence in broadcasting quality.

    It’s quite the trendy thing to mock or condemn Fox News, and almost everyone it seems has nothing but scorn for Glenn Beck, their too-emotionally-available opinion magazine host. I’ve joined in this criticism in the recent past.

    But is it time to take a fresh look at Mr. Beck?


    But its unlikely that this bit of information would have ever come out if Glenn Beck had not spoken out about Jones’ black nationalism, his long history as a self-described Communist, his support Mumia Abu-Jamal, who murdered aPhiladelpia police officer .

    If it wasn’t for Glenn Beck ( and Fox News ), this story would never have come out. You can bet your last Obama poster that CNN and the NY Times would not have seen this as a major story.


    The Peabody Award is given each year for outstanding broadcast journalism. Should Glenn Beck be given an award this year for bringing theVan Jones story to light?

    Beck, though on his own and chasing a story the rest of the industry ignored, much like today, wasn’t so crazy then, no?

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