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I was reading that what are termed "Climate change protesters" today hijacked a train taking coal to a Yorkshire power station – Drax – as part of a campaign to close the plant, one of the largest in Europe.

I think they are more accurately termed vandals and they have carried out a criminal act.  These vandals are attempting to prevent the train — which they say is carrying 1,000 tonnes of coal to Drax — reaching the power station. They claim that to tackle the threat of global warming effectively, Drax should be shut down immediately, as it is the largest single greenhouse gas polluter in the country. To hell with the jobs of those involved – eh? – we have to save the world, right??

Look, I respect their right to hold such views but I sure as hell do not respect their right to train-jack in pursuance of such ecowackery. They SHOULD be arrested and punished for the damage they have caused to private property.     

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3 thoughts on “GOING OFF THE RAILS…

  1. I say we should shut down Drax. Let’s shut down the remaining nuclear plants while we’re at it.

    A week should be long enough.

    The resulting rolling power cuts, lost jobs, deaths (think traffic lights), general misery, etc., should convince the public that the Green’s approach will result in the destruction of the Western way of life.

    Perhaps then we can have sensible discussions about the existence of AGW and what we should do to combat it, if it really exists.

  2. The train was stopped with a red flag just short of Drax …

    A fitting colour for communist scum.

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