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As an antidote to the relentless march of all things liberal, left-wing-slanted news and commentary from just about all the MSM media and T.V., I’d like to post a photograph which is the essence of all things good!

So I very proudly present one of the first pictures of my Grandson Marco Michael, born some ten weeks early, with a fighting weight of 3lbs. 4 ounces (none of this metricated rubbish for my Grandson) lying in a sun-lamp-lit incubator to help him get over a dose of jaundice. He is doing fine so far, even breathing on his own from the start, and in the words of the senior nurse in the Premature Unit, "The noisy one in the corner!" His mother is also well, and my son is due in surgery tomorrow morning to get the smile removed from his face!


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30 thoughts on “gold amongst the dross

  1. A big Congratulations, Mike!! Is this your first grandchild?
    May you live long enough to get to know this lad’s children!

    Mind you, you’ll probably also find that those nurses and the doctors that made this great news possible are also liberal, left-wing-slanted.

    You see, that’s the left all over! – they go out and make a difference, not sit at home griping about how everything is falling apart.

  2. Congratulations Mike.

    I hope the lad progresses well, – don’t we worry more about our grandchildren than we did our own?

    Enjoy the memories – it’s what life is really all about…

  3. I see congratulations are also in order for Ernest, Alan and Typhoo.
    I’ve heard it said: If I’d known how great grandchildren are I would have had them first!

  4. Noel,

    As I am enjoying a rare day off myself, I don’t see the relevance of your 10.56 comment about left vs. right. After all, I find myself struggling to undo the ‘good’ that lefty-type do-gooders do!

    As for the nurses/doctors. they are doing their very special jobs, and I doubt very much if any would appreciate being lumped together in a typically crass comment on a post which, after all, was placed to celebrate a brand new life!

  5. >>typically crass comment on a post which, after all, was placed to celebrate a brand new life!<<

    When you can’t resist getting a dig in at "all things liberal, left-wing-slanted news and commentary from just about all the MSM media" even in a post celebrating a brand new life, you can’t really expect others to show more restraint than you do yourself.

    "Don’t do as I do…." etc.

    (BTW. my 10:56AM was in wry humour)

  6. Mike Cunningham

    Congratulations grandad. All the very best to you and yours, and especially to the young, imperial Marco Michael.

  7. Congratulations. By the way what dross? Appreciate life, luck and happiness, it’s all around every single day.

  8. Best wishes for a long and happy life for your grandchild Mike.

    I was 3 months premature at birth and weighed under 3lb and touch wood I have been in perfect health since then, so hopefully your grandson will have the same good luck.

  9. Congrats Mike! As one old Grandfather to a comparatively young one…. the best times begin now. You deserve all the good things which are happening now, Make the most of them

    What marvels will young Marco and his cousin to be Joshua see in their hopefully long and prosperous lives?

  10. Mike,

    Many congrats from me and I’m sure young Marco will have all the sterling qualities of his Grandad! God bless.

  11. Hib Girl. As you suggest, with a name like Marco he may be away for years.

    Well done grandad. It’ll make you feel years older.

  12. Congratulations, how I envy you, really looking forward to having grandchildren. Lucky you no dross!

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